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Hire your offshore Brutos Framework development team with Cloud Employee, fast and risk-free. Custom recruitment, direct management, and full client support provided.

We are a UK-managed company that offers access to top-notch tech talents from the Philippines.

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Senior Brutos Framework Developer
7 years of experience

An adept web applications developer with more than 7 years hands-on experience in the field of web and infrastructure Highly proficient in handling. . .

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View Nicco's CV


Junior Brutos Framework Developer
2 years of experience

Has more than 2 years of experience in Full Stack Development. He enjoys turning designs to actual working codes. He is a strong proponent of clean, v. . .

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View Raul's CV


Brutos Framework Developer
6 years of experience

Over his 6 years in web application development utilizing Java, SQL, Spring, JUnit, Bash, Jenkins. Has 4 years of experience with Oracle, MySQL, To. . .

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View Rose's CV


Mid-level Brutos Framework Developer
5 years of experience

A competent professional with 5 years of experience in Software Development, Application Maintenance and Client Servicing, Project Execution and Team . . .

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£40 per hour

AVG Cost

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£14 per hour

Clients save on average £60,000 per annum

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