API Developer
10 years of experience

Graduated from Far Eastern University with a degree in Computer Science. The previous projects she handled involved H ...


Java Developer
8 years of experience

With an immense passion for software programs and techniques, he can provide quality solutions to complex techn ...

John D.

PL/SQL Developer
6 years of experience

Have strong communication, interpersonal, analytical and problem-solving skills. Self-motivated, org ...

Miles D.

PHPixie Developer
2 years of experience

Miles Danielle has 3 years of experience when it comes to Front End Development.  She is very proficient in HTML, Jav ...

Veronica M.

MS SQL Developer
5 years of experience

Veronica is a fantastic all round team player having a wealth of experience from her three (3) years of web Developme ...


Moneybookers Developer
13 years of experience

Lidia is our superstar team leader, whose dedication and professionalism is an inspiration for her colleagues. She ha ...


Bluetooth Developer
6 years of experience

Junmark has been focusing in Android Development for over 4 years utilizing Android Studio, Android SDK and Jav ...


Sitecore Developer
5 years of experience

Over 5 years experience as an IT Professional. Proactive Application Development Analyst with working experience in r ...

Kenneth K.

MapQuest Developer
11 years of experience

Over the years of working in the industry, he has done projects and notable ones like his recent project, that ...


Android Developer
8 years of experience

Highly driven and dedi ...

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