James A.

PRADO Developer
7 years of experience

James Arwin is a fantastic all-around team player having a wealth of experience from his more than six (6) years of w ...


GraphQL Developer
7 years of experience

He is a well versed IT professional with strong technical skills. Gaz is a valuable addition to any team and is relia ...


GraphQL Developer
5 years of experience

He is an experienced Ruby on Rails developer who is passionate about writing clean, efficient, and accessible c ...


GraphQL Developer
3 years of experience

His main strength is working with Ruby on Rails and it's technology framework. Han is constantly looking for wa ...


GraphQL Developer
5 years of experience

He is an active member in the Ruby meet up the community; he joins hackathons and code camps outside. Ruf enjoy ...


Appcelerator Developer
6 years of experience

Over 7 years of experience in iOS App Development and a total of 9 years of experience in Agile environment. Has a go ...


HTML5 Developer
2 years of experience

He has a strong understanding of the tech industry trends and content management systems. Ionn is skilled in mu ...

Dee D.

R Developer
9 years of experience

Andy has over 8 years of total experience in Software Development combination of Web and Mobile Development.</ ...


Ractive.js Developer
2 years of experience

Its been 2 years since Aimee used to master all development stuffs. She used to work in different people and co ...


Fusebox Developer
2 years of experience

A team player in proving his strong skills in software development; Manuelle is a fast learner and a hard ...

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