Android SDK Developer
8 years of experience

He has strong experience focusing on Android development and Java. Leom is skilled in creating app ...


Android SDK Developer
3 years of experience

Rolan has passion for Android and Java development. He is constantly striving to learn new technol ...

John L.

TypeScript Developer
4 years of experience

John Lucifer is driven and have a solid technical skill-set. He is detail-oriented and values clients’ satisfaction. ...


Amazon API Developer
9 years of experience

He enjoys turning designs to actual working codes; he has in-depth knowledge of the capabilities of popular bro ...


Alfresco Developer
8 years of experience

He has solid experience and foundation on interface design, multimedia, and web page development. Lucar is e</s ...


Gulp Developer
7 years of experience

He is a driven professional with a strong technical skill-set, attention to detail, and competitive experience in the ...


Smarty Developer
5 years of experience

He has more than three years of experience with front end development - HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, B ...


Google API Developer
6 years of experience

He is a multi-skilled IT professional with years of combined experience in the areas of software, mobile, and web dev ...


Xcode Developer
2 years of experience

He is experienced in iOS App Development, and System Analysis and is working as an iOS Developer – using Object ...


Backbone.js Developer
7 years of experience

Bianca is a leader by nature. She participated in various competitions for developers and has acquired strong leaders ...

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