SaaS Developer
3 years of experience

Technical and highly motivated Python Developer capable of working independently and ...


Full Stack Developer
15 years of experience

He is an experienced developer for 16 years; a seasoned technologist experienced in wide-ranging businesse ...


ERP Developer
7 years of experience

Arlan has more than 7 years of experience in Web Development. He has deep love & passion for user-centred design ...

Hector V.

ERP Developer
5 years of experience

Hector is a Software Engineer utilizing open source technologies and experience on big data, web services and i ...


ERP Developer
3 years of experience

Has worked with 3 years now for a company in Ireland called Murphy’s Survey who are specializing in global surveying ...

Lance R.

ERP Developer
1 year of experience

With over 1 years of full stack development experience, He possess expertise in Object-Oriented Analysis / Desi ...

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Cloud Employee Developer

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