Tornado Developer Xander Noe

Xander Noe

Senior Tornado Developer
8 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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 Xander Noe is a developer with almost 8 years of extensive industry experience in the IT sector. He specializes in developing company systems using Python and PHP. He is also experienced in Tornado, Flask, Celery, Yii, Laravel, CakePHP. He is results driven and self-motivated. He is a quick study and has a passion to learn new technologies, methodologies, strategies, and processes

Work Experience

Senior Developer
May 2011 - Present
  • Responsible with managing client's schedules, conduct their lessons and receive important announcements and information
  • Involved in project integration using NodeJS to an existing website which enables support to communicate messages and alerts to tutors
  • Developed a function, as per the request of the client, that force users to change their passwords in all Yii systems based on the set schedules as a security feature.
  • Responsible with the task of syncing staff tables from jp servers to ph servers. This is called via curl in staff cms system.
  • Provided crud management of email templates that are used by other systems

Associate Degree in Computer Science
Asian Institute of Computer Studies
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