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TACTIC Developer
6 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Veronica has had 4 solid years as a web developer, proving that she is a highly skilled and dedicated professional.

She has forged a great working relationship with past clients, always striving to exceed their expectations with the work that she produces. Veronica looks forward to working with like-minded creative individuals looking to develop new innovations.  

Work Experience

Java Developer
April 2014 - Present
  • Developed web applications using Spring Framework and Spring Boot
  • Programmed Android applications using Native Android development
  • Experienced in programming both backend and frontend side of applications
  • Provided assistance to target users of our applications
  • Deployed to client offices to perform support roles
Java Developer
April 2013 - October 2013
  • Participated in the 6-month intensive Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing V2.4.0 Workshops of the company.
  • As an Oracle CC&B developer, I have learned to create Algorithms, Batch Processes, Change Handlers, Custom Tables, XJS programs and CC&B Configuration tools in CC&B.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Specialization in Interactive Multimedia
Ateneo de Manila University
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