Nette Framework Developer Ursula


Senior Nette Framework Developer
10 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Has flexible, extensive and gainful work experience in Web Development in PHP, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS, XML, Wordpress, ASP.NET, AS2 and AS3 ad by using Macromedia Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Muse Animate, Adobe After Effects, Swift 3D, Swish and Xara 3D. Desktop Publishing by using Adobe Pagemaker, Photoshop, Illustrator Computer Programming in Cobol, Dbase, Foxbase, Clipper, C++ ,Turbo Pascal, MS Access and MS Visual Basic, Operating Systems such as Windows 3/11, 9x, NT/2000 and XP and DOS Environment and Computer Trouble Shooting and Local Area Networking.

Work Experience

Fullstack Web Developer
May 2016 - Present
  • Creates a fully functional website from scratch including front-end and back-end. 
  • Revamped web application to make sure the site is more faster and optimized 
  • Coding, Designing and modifying websites, from layout to function and according to company’s specifications. 
  • Worked as Web Developer, with PHP Language using Laravel framework.
  • Deployment of the system to the client
  • Provide insightful Ideas for developing effective and accurate codes.
  • Involved in requirements gathering for new functions/enhancement of the system.    
  • Responsibility includes design,development and maintenance of performance reporting system
  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery
PHP Programmer
February 2011 - April 2016
  • Design responsive company’s website from scratch.
  • Handle the server and all access.
  • Manage the timeline.
  • Ensures the quality, functions, descriptions or any assigned tasks of the website.
  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap
Ad Builder / Macromedia Flash
April 2010 - February 2011
  • Work with the Adobe creative office suite.Spruce up websites by creating interactive graphics and animation, incorporating visuals and adding sound to give visitors a sensory experience in addition to providing them with the information provided on the website. Flash designers communicate with clients and coworkers about what a finished product should look like before customizing the audio and visuals for each website and page. Designers may also be responsible for creating and publishing entire websites and integrating animation to these larger projects.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
2005 - 2009
Eastern Quezon College
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