Senior Full Stack Developer
15 years experience

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He is an experienced developer for 16 years; a seasoned technologist experienced in wide-ranging businesses and technologies including product development and cloud computing. Trax is hard-working which compliments his extensive technical skills; a great mentor and teammate. 


When faced with issues, he is able to resolve the problems fast and investigate the probable causes which in turn, help avoid the same scenario. Trax is easy to work with and takes pride in his work. He has proven his expertise many times in working on large scale mission-critical projects for familiar big clients. He has a sense of urgency in meeting deadlines, customer needs, and quality requirements. He is one cool senior big brother of the team; providing inspiration and leadership. 

Work Experience

Full Stack Developer
April 2009 - December 2017
  • Migrate and update legacy application into Micro Services and Cloud
  • Define the company’s software development methodology
  • Establish and supervise the application deployment process from staging to production servers
  • Ensure that technology standards and best practices are maintained across the organization
  • Technologies: .Net Framework, C#, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, .NET Core and Microsoft Azure.
Regional Chief Solution Officer
June 2008 - May 2009
  • Work closely with customer management to understand the business' project requirements
  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships and ongoing management processes
  • Deliver software for the following industries: eCommerce and Sitecore
  • Technologies: C#, Sitecore
CMS Software Engineer
April 2002 - April 2008
  • Develop software for various industries like Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, and Human Resource.
  • Technologies: C#

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
AMA Computer University
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