Informatica Developer Sevon


Mid-level Informatica Developer
4 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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He is an excellent problem solver and has a wide range of technical skills. Sevon is proven to be a great asset to development teams with his great communication and leadership skills. He has equal enthusiasm for working individually or in a team.

Work Experience

Software Developer
March 2015 - April 2019
  • Conceptualise, plan, develop, test, debug, and maintain the company's major website.
  • Develop a tutor website: this project help tutors to manage their schedules, conduct their lessons, and receive important announcements and information
  • Develop inbox messaging and alerts for the company's website: this project integrates Nodejs to an existing website which enables support to communicate messages and alerts to tutors
  • Maintain chatter and chatter admin: this project manages chatters' accounts, schedules, and timecard entries; handle file management using AmazonS3
  • Develop a chat system: this project allows chatters to chat with their students on the iOS app
  • Develop a password-change scheduler: this component will force users to change their passwords in all Yii systems based on the set schedules
  • Develop email queuing: this component will allow Yii systems to queue their emails and send them at a later time; functional on other frameworks
  • Develop other components from minor to major ones on both mobile and web applications

Bachelor of Science Major in Information Technology
Asian Institute of Computer Studies
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