Raspberry Pi Developer Sandrell


Senior Raspberry Pi Developer
6 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • 6 years of extensive experience in developing company systems using Python and PHP
  • Experienced in Flask, Celery, Yii, Laravel, CakePHP
  • Result driven, self driven, highly motivated, smart and hungry to learn new technologies, methodologies, strategies, and processes
Work Experience

Senior Developer
September 2012 - Present

Tutor Website

  • This project help tutors to manage their schedules, conduct their lessons, and receive important announcements and information
  • Various roles played Project Lead, Developer, Code reviewer

Inbox Messaging And Alerts For Company's Main Website

  • This project integrates nodejs to an existing website which enables support to communicate messages and alerts to tutors
  • Role-played Developer

Chatter And ChatterAdmin

  • This project manages chatter's account, schedules, and timecard entries. Also handles file management using AmazonS3
  • Duration on-going development / new feature requests
  • Role-played Designer, Developer


  • This project allows chatters to chat with their students on IOS app
  • Duration On-going development / new feature requests
  • Role-played Maintainer / Tester

Password Change Schedule

  • This component will force users to change their passwords in all Yii systems based on the set schedules (every June 30 & December 30)
  • Role-played Designer, Developer, and Tester

Email Queuing

  • This component will allow yii-systems to queue their emails and send them at a later time. Can also be used by other frameworks.
  • Role-played Designer, Developer, and Tester

Staff API

  • This is used to sync staff tables from jp servers to ph servers. This is called via curl in staff cms system.
  • Role-played Designer, Developer, and Tester

Staff CMS

  • CRUD management of staffs ie. team assignments, job positions/promotions, resignations. This module provides reset for forgotten passwords.
  • Role-played Designer, Developer, and Tester


  • Calculates the number of hours an employee rendered on a given range.
  • Role-played Designer, Developer, and Tester


  • This system allows developers to plan and schedule their projects
  • Role-played Developer and Tester (Maintenance/Improvements)

Web-Based Overtime

  • Online interface to allow users to apply for overtime requests
  • Role-played Developer & Tester

Email CMS

  • This module provides crud management of email templates that is used by other systems
  • Role-played Designer, Developer, & Tester

Mass Email

  • This module allows the user to send/broadcast an email message to selected recipients
  • Role-played Designer, Developer, & Tester

Post CMS

  • CRUD management of posts/announcements in the "What's new" section of the company's website
  • Role-played Designer & Developer   

Deletion/Cleanup of RegistrationLogs

  • This module is run via cron which deletes all logs, leaving only a month's worth of data in reference to the run/execution date
  • Role-played Developer


Technologies: Yii, Flask, AngularJS, MySQL, Redis, REST API, Vagrant, Gulp, Codeception, NodeJS, MongoDB, Redis Bower, Python, RBAC, CentOS, AmazonS3, GitHub, Bower, ExpressJS, CakePHP, GruntJS, Xampp, MySQL, REST API, PHPExcel, RubyOnRails, CRON , Celery


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Asian Institute of Computer Studies
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