WinForms Developer Rupert Brandon

Rupert Brandon

Mid-level WinForms Developer
5 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Experienced in Utility Programs that helps, configure, optimize the entire application

Experienced in Legacy Applications conversion and enhancement

Experienced in Object Oriented Approach in C# / VFP

Experienced in writing clean code and SOLID principle, Sprint and Scrum Methodology

Experienced in Test Driven Development (Unit Test, Integration Test)

Experiences in Network/System Administration

Experiences in SAMBA file sharing configuration and security using Fedora Linux as File Server

Work Experience

.NET Programmer
February 2016 - Present
• Analyze code, debug and develop Legacy applications for Company specific and Retail
• Affiliates. (Code, test, debut and implementation).
  • Store Consignor Banning Application
  • Store Consignor Time and Attendance
  • Human Resource Information
  • Loans Application
• Provide support to mall branches and concession partners by resolving technical issues.
System Administrator
March 2014 - February 2016
• Design and develop small applications for invoice and delivery transaction.
• Maintains other In-houses retailing 3rd party application
• SQL Database Administration.
• LAN Administration.
• Provides technical support to sales and marketing operations.
• Maintains SAP shipment module, goods issue and withdrawal and receipt process.
• Prepares a report on bad orders shipment.
• Design and develop a small application for purchase and materials order entry.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
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