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5 years experience

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Ronnie has 4 years of experience under his belt with a year focusing on testing and the rest focused on .NET development. He is experienced in application development with competencies in project implementation and management.

Work Experience

Senior Analyst
July 2017 - Present
  • Identified issues caused by malicious activities and formulated permanent solutions 
  • Develops enhancements using C#, MVC, API, and MSSQL
  • Collaborated with other teams to ensure client satisfaction 
  • Maintained and monitored project schedule and tasks 
  • Participated in code review process among team
  • Led Basic Agile Ceremonies such as Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Daily Standup, Backlog grooming and Sprint Retrospective. 
  • Coaches new team members in the development 
December 2016 - July 2017
  • Developed a tool using Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology
Software Engineer Analyst
September 2016 - December 2016
  • Participated in code review process among team
  • Handled release management for assigned projects 
  • Worked closely with other teams and with the clients to ensure quality performance of the web application 
  • Perform deployment to System Test, System Integration, and Production environments.
September 2015 - March 2016
  • Created impact analysis document to ensure product quality
  • Monitored and supported web application deployment
  • Consolidated, reviewed and merged codes for deployment
September 2014 - September 2015
  • Create tables/views/indexes, dynamic stored procedures and other SQL objects to be used in code behind.
  • Coded web application components using pair programming 
  • Created impact analysis document to ensure product quality 
  • Monitored and supported web application deployment 
September 2013 - September 2014
  • Created some test plans for functional testing
  • Created scripts that will run the automation test execution

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
2009 - 2013
Laguna State Polytechnic University
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