Android SDK Developer Rolan


Android SDK Developer
3 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Rolan has passion for Android and Java development. He is constantly striving to learn new technologies to better himself in this rapidly changing tech industry.

Work Experience

Android Developer
August 2015 - March 2019
  • Role: Android Developer, System Analyst
  • Feeder mobile application is created to sustain the needs of other salesmen in different part of the country that lacked an internet connection;, it acts as the distributor of product deliveries to SFAS; it also acts as a wireframe of the SFAS application thus it catch the data that was gathered by the SFAS and push it back to the main server; it used Network Programming in distributing the product delivery
  • Designed system UI and UX mobile application for the ease of user
  • Implemented various API like Volley in parsing JSON data, Sugar ORM for
    Database management, Kryonet for network programming and others API’s for User Interface
  • Successfully serialized, parsed and send the data to SFAS application
  • Gathering and planning for the user requirements
  • Successfully implemented a formula based on the distribution of products

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Systems Technology Institute
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