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15 years experience

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With 15 years of full stack development experience, he possess expertise in Object-Oriented Analysis/Design, Java Development and other open source technologies. Team oriented professional with extensive experience in web-based and client/server based applications development and a problem solver who can design reasonable solutions and can assist other with issues.

Work Experience

Senior Java Developer
October 2017 - Present
  • Participate in Sprint Planning in 2 weeks iteration process.
  • Implements new features and fix defects found on the system.
  • Proactively communicate with US and Costa Rica teams for understanding the design specification.
  • Perform functional testing of the system and log found bugs on Jira.
Senior Java Software Engineer
November 2015 - June 2017
Project 1:
Is a web application that tender support for fleet vehicles and transportation services based on
total cost of ownership.
• Implement CRUD features using React, Redux and Imutable.js
• Develop test cases for front-end code using Mocha and Chai.
• Implement automation testing using Selenium.
• Implement Excel exportation functionality.
• Participate in code review and daily standup.
• Coordinate with Switzerland team to provide feedback and gather requirements.
Project 2:
Is an Eclipse based framework tool for core banking software. This tool simplifies the
presentation of data in a form base editor. With the use of Eclipse modeling the transfer of
business types into model is much faster and provide scalability and better performance.
• Interact with the Product Owner to understand the specifications.
• Develop, test, debug, document and maintain the Java core services, models and processes that support the application.
• Coordinating with other team members to ensure smooth delivery of the project.
• Participate in code and sprint review.
• Utilize agile methodology such as Scrum.
  • Technologies: Java, JavaScript, ReactJS, Spring, Ant Maven, MySQL, J2EE, JDBC
Senior Java Developer
July 2014 - September 2015

A front and middle office software solution. Its primary purpose is to enable a business to communicate with its customers in real time, process payments and securely collect purchasing data across multiple electronic devices.

• Ensure designs are in compliance with specifications.
• Prepare and produce releases of software components.
• Create, update and perform testing based on test cases.
• Interact with the Project Manager to understand our systems and their features.
• Write well designed, testable, efficient code.
• Participate in daily scrum call and provide support to the client.
  • Technologies: Java, Spring, ReactJS, SQL, J2EE, Scrum, JBoss, JavaScript, Ant
Sr Applications Developer - J2EE /Technical Lead
October 2011 - July 2014
Project 1:
Focus primarily on solution and technology financing and provide single-source financing that helps out clients acquire business services and technology services, hardware and software - IBM and non-IBM.
• Lead a team through application development cycle.
• Work with the business and the development teams to ensure clear understanding of project
requirements and to refine / revise requirements as needed and/or recommended solutions.
• Effectively communicating and providing status updates to project management,
development management.
• Prepare high level and detailed technical design documents for application releases based on
user story.
• Adapted Agile methodologies such as Scrum.
Project 2:
Is an IBM-wide approach for designing sales territories based on market opportunity across
business units and job roles. TOP helps sales managers design optimal territories and
assign resources based on a set of guiding principles to optimize coverage of the opportunity in a
territory and better position IBM for growth.
• Participate in team's iteration process and engage in fixing defects.
• Assist other team member to adhere standards and provide solution to a problem.
Project 3:
Is a major transformation program to radically simplify the design and operation of three Global Integrated Support Processing namely Finance, Opportunity to Order, and Order to cash.
• Participate in continuous integration project and provide script for code validation.
• Implement client based session timeout application.
• Created Javascript unit test for JS code using QUnit. Code and Design web pages that adhere IBM standards.
• Provide support to international team. Do testing and debugging of codes per iteration.
  • Technologies: Java, JavaScript, AJAX, Scrum, Agile, IBM Rational Team Concert, IBM Clear Quest, IBM Rational Software Architect
Java/J2EE Consultant
December 2008 - September 2011
A membership program that allows families to save thousands in real travel expenses. User participation delivers special new benefits to the men and women who are serving in the U.S. military.
• Includes maintenance and improvising of the system, implement new task and enhancement, bug fixing, upgrade the system using new technologies like Spring and converted module per module.
• Design and create reporting system. Develop credit card processor transaction via web services. Also, provide support with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) using PlumVoice API telephony solutions.
  • Technologies: Java, Servlets, JSP, Spring, JavaScript, DOM, EJB, JBoss, MySQL, Ant
Java Consultant
August 2008 - December 2008
An information bridge across health care IT systems and organizations, bringing clinical information together in a simple user interface, facilitating clinical processes for improved quality and efficiency.
• Do code optimization and refactoring, system analysis, based on results with client’s coordination and do module enhancement, testing and debugging.
  • Technologies: Java, J2EE, JavaScript, DOM, CSS, Oracle ADF, Oracle 10G, JDeveloper, SVN\
Software Engineer
April 2006 - August 2008
Project 1: Research and Development
Perform intensive research on open-source technologies and how they can be appropriately applied to existing and new projects.
• Explore GWT and integrate to Spring and Hibernate application.
• Develop social networking project using Ruby on Rails.
Project 2:
Allow members to write letters to newspapers and magazines around the world. The letter will automatically publish to the website for others can view. Editors of the printed and online publications to which the letters is sent will be evaluated and published.
• Implement solution base on client’s specification request.
• Create page design and custom CSS rules.
• Develop administration module which will provide user access rights throughout the application.
Project 3:
A system that will connect to the bank and allow users to select their loan option. The system will automatically do withdrawals for monthly loan payment.
• Design and develop database schema. Code application interfaces, services and DAO implementations.
• Provide data modeling and object relational mapping and created custom pages.
• Implement reporting system for monthly and weekly data that capable of generating HTML, Excel and PDF formats.
Project 4:
Maintain employee's daily time records, track shift schedules and project manager who handle the employee.
• Design database schema and the entire application.
• Create relational mapping objects, implements interfaces, services, controllers and custom pages. Add customs CSS rules and Ajax functionality.
Project 5:
Allows users to collaboratively enter product and technology information, and then graphically depicts it in the form of a multi-dimensional roadmap – a document that visualizes the status and dependencies of an opportunity.
• Implement a customized search engine that is capable of saving result base on user's selected items.
• Develop organization module which allow users to view and maintain organization records.
  • Technologies: GWT, JavaScript, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Ruby-on-Rails, Webrick, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, CSS, Java, J2EE, MySQL, Oracle 10G to 12G , DWR
December 2005 - March 2006
Allow users to add, modify and view tours and travel packages. User can updates the rate based on the number of passengers per package. It keeps track of all registered travel agencies. Also, the system can generate sales reports by weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.
• Design database schema and implements the whole system process.
• Do testing, debugging and deployment to local server.
  • Technologies: Java, Java Servlets, JSP, MySQL, Ant
Cobol Programmer/ Java Programmer/Technical Lead
April 2003 - December 2005
Project 1: Rural Bank System
Is a system that is matured and running to company's proprietary banks.
  • Implement new module to process remittances and financial computation based on type of transaction. Also, added a functionality to support printing of document.
Project 2:
Is a centralize system connecting service providers to rural banks allowing them to provide services to the rural areas.
  • Lead a technical team through development cycles.
  • Provide mentoring to team members especially junior ones.
  • Provide technology direction and assist team members for methodologies and standards use to implement the system.
  • Create and design web application and demonstrate the transaction process for the team to have a clear view of how the technologies work on our project.
  • Develop Payroll and Pension processing modules.
  • Technologies: COBOL, C, C++, Java, J2EE, NinJava, JavaScript, MS SQL

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Computer Science
University of Cebu
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