Python Developer Robbie


Mid-level Python Developer
8 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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An IT professional with over 6 years of experience in Python Development with database creation, integration, and management using SQL. Robbie takes high-level functional requirements to create detailed designs in building multi-tiers applications. He has solid experience in developing systems in Python from scratch.

Robbie has the ability to plan, estimate and deliver autonomously, as well as partner with fellow engineers, exhibiting excellent problem-solving skills in dealing with problems across distributed systems. He has a strong understanding of common web development techniques like REST, JSON, etc.

As a developer, he has strong verbal and written skills, excellent collaboration and communication skills, and a solid understanding of change management processes, making him an efficient IT professional who can contribute to the organisation he belongs to.

Work Experience

Python Developer
February 2018 - Present


  • Develop apps in Python/Django, working with counterparts in the UK
  • Technologies: Python, Django
Senior Web Developer
April 2016 - December 2018


  • Develop web apps in Python/Django, working on both the front-end and back-end
  • Create software through using serial modems which are deployed remotely
  • Research and design complete products—from infrastructure to deployment strategies
  • Debug and maintain web apps written in Python/Django, and Perl (read-only)
  • Technologies: Python, Django, Perl
Web Developer
December 2015 - March 2016


  • Developed web apps in Python/Django and Meteor/React
  • Technologies: Python, Django, MeteorJS , ReactJS
April 2015 - January 2016


  • Created the web app component of, a decentralised hotel-like service in Python/Django
  • Managed the development
  • Technologies: Python, Django
Software Engineer
March 2013 - March 2015


  • Developed in Python/Django/JavaScript/jQuery for mostly remote clients
  • Worked on full-stack, but mostly on the back-end using tools like Django REST Framework
  • Practiced scrum and test-driven development
  • Technologies: Python, Django, JavaScript, jQuery

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Specialization in Business Intelligence
Ateneo de Manila University
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