Model-Glue Developer Ramon Forester

Ramon Forester

Senior Model-Glue Developer
19 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Ramon has 15 years in the computer field, I had been getting experience in such areas as: Web programming, network and system administration, UI/UX design, SEO, video editing. At this moment my architecture is Laravel, VUE, AWS.

Areas Of Expertise:
• Full-Stack Web Developer: HTML/CSS/SCSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, eCommerce CMS, CSS and JavaScript Frameworks and libraries, Apache, Nginx, node.js, AWS, CDN, Linux Servers, DevOps.
• Network Administrator: knowledge of 7-OSI TCP/IP, Linux Server, LAN/WAN, D-Link and Cisco L2/L3, SIP Asterisk, VPN technologies, DHCP, DNS, VLAN, Routing, OSPF, VOIP, SMTP, POP3, HTTP, DHCP, bash, Perl, etc.
• System Administrator: Windows and Linux(*nix) servers architecture, Active Directory, Remote Access, KVM, Firewalls, Antivirus, security(encryption hdd), wireless, hardware, remote CCTV or IP camera, access control, etc.
• Design: Web sites and landing pages, raster pictures, vector pictures, video.
• SEO: Keywords optimization, Technical site Optimization for search (Google Page Speed), analytics traffic and optimization sites.
• Video Editor: Animation Technical Track, Designed visual effects for post-production (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro)

Work Experience

Software Engineer
December 2019 - Present
  • Have been developing on Laravel - PHP Framework. ECommerce jewelry store platform was integrated with original range of business process and UX/UI design for get a goal;
  • Modern technical design is solid understanding of OOP and model view controller (MVC) and use some PHP patterns;
  • Website optimization for Google Page Speed according to the latest standards;
  • Vagrant is virtual software development environments can work with some virtual machines. Homestead is environment of site and can start on AWS, Linux, MacOS, Linux
Full-Stack Web Developer
October 2016 - December 2019
  • A semantic core for the site has been compiled, competitors have been analyzed for semantic core requests, optimal recommendations have been given for developing content on the site, which has increased the number of visitors to the site;
  • Website optimization for Google Page Speed according to the latest standards, from red was displayed in the green zone. Due to which the site is better promoted in Google and Yandex;
Web Developer
June 2014 - July 2018
  • System Administrator Linux
  • SEO
  • Technical Consultant and support
  • Designer. Description of one project
Web-administrator and Backend Developer
November 2012 - December 2016
  • The site has been improved using these programs under the SEO - KeyCollector, ZennoPoster, Yazzle (all the licenses for these programs are in my arsenal). The site is placed on the first place of Yandex and Google in the Russian segment;
  • Website optimization for Google Page Speed from red has been moved to the green zone. Due to which the site is better promoted in Google and Yandex;
  • Collection of cash equipment, accounting systems and online store in one system;
  • Development of plugins and modules. The best plugin for WordPress - multicity for different cities - the ability to open any number of offline stores around the country. Each city has a unique display of goods by availability;
  • IP-phone setup (phone numbers all over the world, number 8800);
  • Video recording system in the store with remote access from home or office.
Network and System Administrator
October 2009 - November 2012
  • Connecting firms and individuals to the provider's network;
  • Monitoring of a large network of the provider, with more than 300,000 subscribers connected to the Internet;
  • Technical support service. Polite and competent communication, user consultation on technical issues;
  • Worked on night shifts, where the entire network architecture was under my responsibility;
  • Diagnostics, setup and repair of computers, servers, routers, switches, routers, video surveillance systems, phones and SIP
  • Maintenance of local networks of companies and installation of software;
  • Created a system on how to connect any sensors (movements, door openings, smoke, infrared rays, etc.) directly to the network, bypassing the generally accepted expensive sensor information technology. When the alarm was triggered, an SMS was sent to the specified phone number about the incident.
Computer Administrator
July 2005 - September 2009
  • Firewall - Kerio Winroute in conjunction with a sniffer (protection of the company from information leakage by employees in the company of competitors and to monitor employees at their workplace - who visits what sites, reading their correspondence, etc.);
  • VPN, OpenVPN, Dr.Web anti-virus network, cryptographic protection - these are all the main tools for protecting the store’s corporate network from viruses and external wiretaps; ✓ Installing Kerio mail server mail (all mail is stored on the company's servers and not third-party companies, such as Google, Yandex or mail ru - no one will steal any employee’s mail)
  • Administration of the company's local network so that employees can exchange files within this network and information does not leak onto the Internet. For this, the following arsenal is mainly used: Routing, FReeBSD, Linux, Windows, Samba, FTP;
  • Setting up the telephone network of the company: PBX and IP-telephony in small offices, with Panasonic equipment, Aria SOHO;
  • Purchase, assembly, installation and administration of video surveillance systems based on video recorders or windows servers, with remote access to them. Tracking for shoplifting;
  • Installation of TV cables and optics, for combining computers into a single network;
  • Setup of trading equipment. Cash registers in the store are collected on the basis of computers on which Windows is installed. They connected commercial equipment for the reading of bar codes, bank cards (acquiring). All this combined through the Active Directory. All information about sales from all cash desks, which is printed on the check, is deposited on a server located in the store, then it flows from this server to one central office.

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