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Senior C++ Developer
12 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Working in the IT industry for 10 years specializing in Microsoft technologies. He climbed from junior to senior developer and eventually became a team leader. Participated in projects from requirements gathering, design, implementation until production deployment (SDLC life cycle). Act as scrum master/team lead for different sprints. Research for new and best technologies is a constant part of the job.

Work Experience

Software Developer Technical Team Lead
January 2017 - Present
  • Technical lead of the application team that supports (L3) wide variety of applications (inventory, forecasting to logistics) utilized by the company ranging from macro tools, legacy systems to recent .NET platform-based technology.
  • Provide estimates on client service requests and present functional and technical proposals during requirements gathering.
  • Act as a mentor to junior developers.
  • Continuously perform data analysis prior and post fix implementation specially when involving financial data.
  • Develop multiple enhancements/fixes to meet client needs.
  • Optimize DML queries/stored procedures/SQL Views and LINQ queries for performance enhancements.
  • Build re-usable SQL queries for future reference to lessen turnaround time of fixes for recurring issues.
  • Conduct peer review to ensure fixes has no negative impact on existing systems.
  • Make sure the team understands SLA.
  • Timely alignment of business needs with the client as well as mandatory status update discussion.
  • Create detailed deployment plans, communicate each plan to the client and implementers to have less risks on actual deployment.
Senior Software Developer
October 2015 - January 2017
  • Part of the development team which designed the API architecture of each web requests in angular routes.
  • Performed unit tests on all modules.
  • Aligned existing database objects to work with the application without compromising functionalities of external systems utilizing the same objects.
  • Guided and collaborated well with highly skilled junior developers.
  • Coordinated with the clients in defining test requirements to be used in UAT.
  • Assisted on setting up test data and reviewed test scenarios.
  • Supported the users during UAT.
  • Prepared deployment/implementation plans used in lower and production deployments.
Senior Software Developer
June 2014 - October 2015
  • Involved in process demonstration from the field in Cagayan de Oro (leaf buying, truck weighing, cage input process, barn monitoring and sorting/carton management) whilst gathering information used in requirements gathering.
  • Applied Semi-Agile methodology during software development.
  • Part of the development team which designed the technical architecture including database design.
  • Assisted on setting up test data and reviewed test scenarios.
  • Supported and coordinated with the clients as well as the users during UAT.
Software Developer
May 2011 - June 2014
  • Joined the team mid-development that created the web application. Assigned on creating new modules.
  • Involved in requirements gathering on enhancement post initial Prod-deployment.
  • Involved in DB design for new tables.
  • Created automated unit tests using VS Testing Tools and maintained code coverage above 80%.
  • Optimized heavy LINQ Queries to reduce bottlenecks by using cache.
  • Transitioned to Support team at the end of the development cycle.
Associate Software Developer
February 2009 - May 2011
  • Part of the team that provided support and maintenance on existing applications.
  • Monitored jobs on a daily basis.
  • Created automated tools for the team.
  • Created application tools for client users.
  • Optimized SQL Queries/Stored procedures/Views/Functions.
  • Involved in weekly meetings with onshore clients to re-align updates on existing issues and enhancements.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
University of Santo Tomas
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