Unified.js Developer Nicholaj


Junior Unified.js Developer
2 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Nicholaj has 2 years of experience in Full Stack Development. He enjoys turning designs to actual working codes. He is a strong proponent of clean, valid, maintainable, and semantically-correct HTML/CSS, including HTML5/CSS3. 
He has in-depth knowledge of the capabilities of popular browsers and a keen eye for design aesthetics. Nicholaj has good communication skills both in oral & written. He is able to learn quickly, and demonstrates flexibility and persistence. Lastly, he is able to work remotely when needed.
Work Experience

Fullstack Developer
October 2016 - Present


  • Developed business for seller’s side using VueJs, (Integrate new functionality such as vuecarousel, image gallery, vue-youtube and data manipulation in vue)
  • Focused more on Front-end development
  • Developed API for the FE side
  • Foundation for CSS responsive FE framework
  • BEM methodology for naming convention
  • Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, VueJS, Bootstrap, Git, SASS

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
STI College
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