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Senior OpenStack Developer
11 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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A natural problem solver, disciplined and with a passion for Web Development. Has a good understanding and experience of the life cycle of developing websites and has a keen interest in developing web-based applications. He was proven and tested for successfully completing projects under pressure and tight deadlines. He also loves to work closely with other developers and openly makes suggestions and solutions on how to use new and emerging technologies. He is continually evaluating and upgrading his skills to provide more disciplined and analytical approach to software development. Experienced in Python development with Django framework, SQL Development and Google Cloud Platform and Azure. 


Work Experience

Python Engineer
October 2016 - Present
  • Design large-scale back-end infrastructure and build RESTful API using Python programming language.
  • Deep involvement in project planning with the team.
  • Improve development productivity and product performance. 
  • Contribute new and proven good tools and frameworks in the current technology stack used by the team

Capital Power

  • Responsible in developing software that will be used for the Marketing department of the company.
  • Search and implement tools that will help and use and development.
  • Test and monitor data gathered by the software running from time to time. 

  • Technologies: Back End Development, RESTful API, Python, Project Planning/Management
Python Developer
August 2014 - September 2016
  • Responsible on developing program for scraping data on various resources or website provided by the client. 
  • Analyze sources or websites that the client provided to identify how the data will be scraped. 
  • Sources or websites is presented as HTML, JSON, Javascript files, XML and other files used in a webpage.
  • Scraper will be build using Python.
  • Scraper will return the scraped records in a JSON formatted data.
  • Some of the Python library used in building a scraper is request, BeautifulSoup, multiprocessing, json and other pre-defined libraries.

Web Applications

  • Assist in planning and developing feature-rich web applications including e-commerce and web services applications.
  • Write code in Python (Django Web Framework), Javascript, HTML and CSS.
  • Implement new features and optimize existing features from the controller level to UI level.
  • Design database structures and draft MySQL queries.
  • Communicate and interface with client, prospect and partners.
  • Work closely with and incorporate feedback from resident graphic designer and web producer on daily basis.
  • Rapidly implement features, fix bugs and solve production problems.
  • Technologies: HTML, JSON, JavaScript, XML, Python, BeautifulSoup, JAvaScript, CSS, UI, MySQL, Web Debugging/Bug Fixing
Back-End Developer
July 2012 - July 2014
  • Development and maintenance of mobile application back-end. 
  • In-charge of API design and development using Python and Flask Framework on Google App Engine.
  • In-charge of build deployment on Google App Engine.
  • Integration of user-testing elements developed by Front-End Developers and server side logic.
  • Integration of data storage solutions and writing reusable, testable and efficient code.


  • Client's app: NextG – Application portal for students and teachers.
  • Responsible for building and developing a backend system for client's mobile app.
  • Proposed development tools such as Django REST framework, PostgreSQL, AWS and version control system(Git).
  • Collaborate with the team using Scrum. 
  • Responsible for Back End Development using Python Django REST framework.
  • Responsible for Web Development using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Laravel and PHP.
  • Involvement in planning, architecture, development and maintenance of the existing application.
  • Technologies: Back End Development, API Design, Python, Flask, User Testing, PostgreSQL, AWS, Scrum, REST framework, HTML , CSS, Javascript, Laravel, PHP
Web Application Developer
May 2010 - June 2012
  • Design and development of software applications using Django (Python Web Framework).
  • Helps provide resolutions on reported production issues. 
  • Assigned administrator for dispute project using JIRA.
  • Provide automation of reports needed by the team using JIRA's data by calling APIs.
  • Perform manual end-to-end unit testing. 
  • Involve in Agile Software Development. 
  • Technologies: Django , Python Web Framework, JIRA, APIs, Unit Testing, Agile Software Development
Software Programmer
April 2008 - April 2010
  • Responsible for developing new features based on agreed technical specification.
  • Maintain current application, a web-based timekeeping, payroll and human resource information system.
  • Perform data extraction and other data manipulation thru back-end in Microsoft SQL 2008.
  • Support in business requirements for validation and other functional system design.
  • Assist in documenting system changes.
  • Assist in manual system testing and debugging. 
  • Documents programming codes consistently.
  • Conduct training sessions for newly hired programmers.
  • Technologies: Data Extraction, Back End Development, Microsoft SQL 2008, Technical & End User Documentation, Technical Supervision and Training

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
2004 - 2008
University of the Philippines
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