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Senior Android SDK Developer
8 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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He has strong experience focusing on Android development and Java. Leom is skilled in creating apps form scratch by himself as well as in teams. He also excels in RESTful APIs and UI development.

Work Experience

Senior Android Developer
February 2014 - May 2019
  • Role: Android Developer, System Analyst, Application Support
  • SFAS is the Android Mobile tools used by the Sales, it acts as their mobile Point of Sales with complex and variety of utility requirements
  • Re-designed System UI and UX mobile application for the ease of user
  • Optimised application by running the transaction process in the background
  • Implemented various feature and system restriction required by the Sales
  • Successfully designed the application by changing the behaviours in parsing data that will be suitable for the Feeder application.
  • Successfully send the old data and received new data from Feeder
  • Support and orient client depending on the demand and objectives of the user
  • Successfully construct the database
Android Developer
May 2011 - February 2014
  • Description: the application is a showcase application wherein clients of the company can view the company’s profile including facilities, the technology used in rendering the videos and the projects (TVC) that was successfully aired in the nationwide television. It used the youtube’s API to play the videos to its player
  • Gather System requirements and coordinate to the project manager
  • Helps UX personnel to design system UI/UX of the mobile application for the ease of user
  • Successfully parse the JSON file from the web-service
  • Used the Youtube API player for the video wherein users can play the TVC as a media player from Youtube web-service

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Polytechnic University of the Philippines
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