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Mid-level Flask Developer
5 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • An expert in Ruby on Rails 3 (Ruby 1.9) developer with more than 5 years experience in maintaining, developing and implementing web applications.
  • Experienced in Bootstrap 3, Javascript, Jquery, and AJAX
  • Experienced in responsive web design and mobile web development.
  • Have used modern web development tools such as HAML, 3 and EmberJS
  • Also expert in HTML, CSS, JavaScript with knowledge on Visual Basic, C# and MySQL Administration. 
Work Experience

Ruby on Rails Web Developer
April 2016 - Present
  • Implemented AJAX form validations on the web portal
  • Developed custom e-mail notifications
  • Implemented the new responsive UI using Bootstrap 3
  • Implemented Security Module
  • Develops secured and user-friendly modules
  • Debugged and fixes errors 


  • GRA E-services portal
  • Create and submit Tax Returns, Customs Declarations and Compliance as a Taxpayer
  • Add clients as an Agent or a Broker to create transactions in behalf of the taxpayer
  • Received an email notification on every update of your transaction.
  • Instead of filling up the forms manually you may submit an XML file using the web service functionality.
  • Create forms for an agency that will be field out by the taxpayers.
  • Approve or reject a transaction as an agency user
  • Also supports multiple agencies with each unique document requirements.
  • Create agency users and admins with different restrictions on the portal
  • Add or Edit a page and modify email notifications on the admin dashboard.
  • Technologies: Ruby-on-Rails, Bootstrap, UI, AJAX
MIS Tech Support
September 2015 - March 2016
  • Troubleshoots hardware and software computer problems
  • Conducts preventive maintenance for computer and printers
  • Configure Printer sharing and troubleshoot printer problems
  • Deploy and maintain network connections
  • Maintain working condition for Poseidon Server
  • Administrate the Web Server, the network firewall, the NAS (Synology) and the IM Server (Openfire / Spark Messenger)
  • Conducts Google App familiarization and administrate Google Apps (Gmail, Drive, Calendar and Vault)
  • Conducts Company Website Orientation
  • Configure Blackberry Phone (e-mail synchronization)
  • Maintain and perform basic familiarization for the Wallem Training Systems (Seagull CES, IDESS ITEST, Kongsberg ERS, Steam Engine Simulator, Full Bridge Simulator and ECDIS)


  • MIS Equipment Monitoring System (Local Web App)
    • Keep track of all company's IT equipments records
    • Contains log reports with scheduling of preventive maintenance of IT equipments
    • Has E-mail notification, 2 type User access, uploading/downloading of image files, search and report generation features
  • MIS Records Monitoring System (Local Web App)
    • Keep track of all seafarers record files
    • Handle requests for pulling out of records
    • Has logging, search and printing features
  • Technologies: Technical Support
Medical Coordinator / IT Assists
April 2014 - October 2015
  • Schedules Pre-Employment Medical Examination
  • Handles Post Employment Medical Cases and Legal Cases
  • Monitors Medical Expenses and E-mails medical reports
  • Assigned to manage the Computer-based Trainings (CBTs)
  • Generates daily and monthly reports for the CBT’s results
  • Monitors documentation validity (Passport, Seaman’s Book and Other Certification)
  • Implemented an MS Excel based software for expiring documentation (Non-macro based)
  • Generates daily and monthly reports for expiring documentation and sends via e-mail
  • Generate and submit SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig Contributions
  • Implements networking connections and troubleshoot software, hardware and other networking problems 
  • Technologies: IT Support

Bachelor in Information Technology
2010 - 2014
Technological University of the Philippines
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