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Junior LinkedIn API Developer
3 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Most of my experience has been working as a key member with a number of Ruby development teams. I especially enjoy this type of collaboration and pushing of my skill base to ensure the team delivers top quality products, output and hits delivery time frames.
During my spare time, I am an active member in the Ruby meet up community and join hackathons and code camps outside of work. I enjoy the social aspect of this area of my life, but this also helps to constantly keep my skills at the forefront of development. I consider myself a proactive developer and enjoy suggesting strategies or new technologies within my team to boost the development of the project, at the same time applying the suggested best practice as of the current trends, for example, TDD, Agile, Git Flow, Devops, scrum, pair programming, open source and collaboration.


Work Experience

Software Developer
March 2018 - Present
  • Responsible for developing new features, bug fixes, maintaining the project and providing improvements.
  • Handled some of the heavy tasks in the project like the automation of imports of bulk users with dynamic attributes (if the attribute doesn’t exist it will automatically added to the user’s attributes) with error handling and re-import functionality for fail records import.
  • Automation of bulk user update of records, this feature is in charge on updating user details from excel files from client and they can specify from the file which attribute to update only and if the attribute doesn’t exist it will just add up to the user attributes.
  • Work on most of background process features, like reassigning user access to the content base from specific criteria specified in the admin panel, background process on sending event surveys on specified time to be blast base on the evaluated criteria from the admin panel, and many other background process features.
  • Refactor some code base to be centralized and reusable from other areas of the app.
  • Building new community for the client, Build and customize the community from how it looks, to specific functionality requests to be included into that community. 
  • Deploying urgent bug fixes depending on the client or the product owner requirements.
  • Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Android Development, JavaScript, CSS, SCSS, Git, SVN, MySql, AWS, HTML, Ubuntu, Jira, Trello, Scrum, Agile, Nginx, Apache, Phussion Passenger
Web Developer
May 2017 - March 2018
  • Developed web-­based e-­commerce internal/client projects using the company’s internal library in PHP (called Eden).
  • Involved in maintaining existing e-­commerce web-­based projects.
  • Implemented some PHP script/ library/functions to be reused in the next projects.
  • Main resource person on using Facebook and Tumblr API’s using Eden PHP library

BS Information Technology
2013 - 2017
Benguet State University
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