Senior Eclipse RAP Developer
8 years experience

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Equipped with 8 years of work experience in the IT Industry in system analysis and design, application development, testing and support, Corresponds with the higher management for requirement feasibility, timelines, creates the data flow of the given requirements for development and follows the methodologies throughout the development life cycle and can quickly familiarize new technologies.


Focusing on Java Development for 8 years, experience with REST API over HTTPS. Karl has more than 3 years with Lambdas Streams, Optional and multithreading and experience with Amazon Web Services. Karl also has experience with frontend development for over 2 years using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.


Karl is constantly striving to learn new technologies and looking for ways to better himself in this rapidly changing industry in order to stay competitive within the market place.

Work Experience

Senior Java Developer
May 2016 - Present


  • Participate in daily Scrum meetings with fellow teammates
  • Leads a junior development team here in manila composed of 3 people
  • Design and create/modify code for their new/existing clients needs
  • Do production support if needed
  • Shadow Junior developers if needed
  • Document everything that is happening during development or release phase
  • Create High Level Design, Low Level Design, Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Create API documentations for the users.
  • Doing development, code review, QA and support.


Carrier Integrations

  • Various Integration using AWS to communicate the data to automate booking and consignments to the respective couriers for customers.
  • Designed and created different types of integrations to cater different types of carriers.
  • Created the endpoint to consume customer API request so they are able to send it to the respective carriers.
  • Integrated our quoting and booking API to automated booking and consignment.


  • The front-end of API’s that uses different types of endpoint to communicate with other carriers
  • Created the page where the customer can manage their manifests for their consignments
  • Integrated carriers to the dispatch page for dispatching of consignments.

API Endpoints

  • Endpoint for customers to use to automate the process on communicating to 3rd party couriers.
  • Integrated carrier integrations for the API to automate the process
  • Created various endpoints to cater different types of transactions
  • Integrated the dispatch module and quoting module
  • Integrated the manifest module
  • Technologies: Java, Mockito, JUnit, IntelliJ


Systems Developer
October 2013 - April 2016


  • Participate in daily Scrum meetings
  • Understand the Financial system development – Hedge funds
  • Develop web services and messaging modules for the clients
  • Discuss with fellow teammates on how their accounting works
  • Communicate with onshore on a daily basis for the needs of the business
  • Performs testing on development environment and its deployment
  • Maintain a clean and good back up copy of the system.


AEXIMO e-Business Suite

  • A System that gets and compute prices for portfolios and funds of the clients using web services and JMS.
  • Created the portal and web services that the clients are able to view their portfolios and services.

Global Authorization Management

  • An authorization module for all the software and services of the company for its clients and employees.
  • Integrated the LDAP and Active Directory to communicate with our Login portal and apply necessary access rights whether they are internal/external users. 
  • Technologies: Web Services, JMS, Java


Java Developer
March 2011 - September 2013


  • Develops websites, Mobile APIs, Web services, WAP sites, and Administration tools for Telecommunication companies/ 3rd party clients.
  • Assists teammates on setting up their development environment.
  • Participate in team meetings with the client for requirements and time lines
  • Interacted with game developers on how to use the mobile API’s
  • Maintain a clean and good back up copy of the system.
  • Discuss with fellow teammates regarding the integration of the data
  • Perform tests, deployments for all projects that our team handles
  • API Documentation for the game developers


Content Management and sales

  • Website for marathon enthusiast where they can register for a run and organizers can post a run.
  • Created the payment module of the website using 3rd party API’s i.e. PayPal

Globe Games API (Mobile development)

  • An API for the client that will handle all telco charges for that specific game.
  • Created the splash screen (API) that will charge the users upon use of the specific game using J2ME

Administration Tools/SMS Services (Recurring project)

  • Administration pages for our telco clients for their numerous services.
  • Created JSP pages that handles several services for telco clients.
  • Technologies: Java, J2ME, REST API



University of the Philippines
2007 - 2011
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
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