Weebly Developer Juan Matthew

Juan Matthew

Senior Weebly Developer
9 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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A Web Developer and UI/UX Designer based in the Philippines I love all kinds of designs like web, wallpaper, UI component and etc. and also love to create designs, building a website with a clean pixel, responsive website for smartphone, tablet and desktops.


Designed wireframe. mockup, prototype and implemented web-based user interface using Html, CSS, jQuery, Angular 2 directed front end projects from concept to completion. Create user-friendly and appealing mobile application interfaces and websites for users.

Work Experience

Senior Front-End Developer
April 2016 - Present
  • More on frontend and UI/UX development
  • Technologies: UI/UX, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS
UI/UX Specialist
January 2013 - June 2016
  • create and build UI and UX design flow and doing front end development based on the business requirement.
  • Technologies: UI/UX, HTML, CSS, Javascript
Web Developer
March 2010 - January 2013
  • Create and build Web design and web development using WordPress, html5, and other language based on client requirements.
  • Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress

Software Development
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