vBulletin Developer Juan Marcos

Juan Marcos

Senior vBulletin Developer
8 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Juan Marcos is a seasoned full stack developer with over 8 years of professional experience in the software industry.

  • Adept in all phases of software development life cycle and keen in practicing standards and design principles.
  • With over 4 years of experience in leading teams with multiple projects.
  • Hard skills include coding, debugging, database, server admin, web service, and version control.
  • On the soft skills side, he is proficient in leadership, collaboration, communication, and time management. 
Work Experience

Software Developer
January 2018 - June 2019


  • Responsible for website maintenance and Front End revamp 
  • Responsible for implementing CRM and billing solution for a local ISP 
  • Create Hotel Management Solution (Hotel Management System, Network, Security) 


  • Technologies: Front End Development, CRM
Senior PHP Developer
June 2016 - January 2018


  • Create different application of our clients 
  • Responsible for ensuring code quality by means of Unit Testing 
  • Develop Real State application
  • Develop Rewards application
  • Develop SDK to connect to PCI Zone for cards 
  • Technologies: Unit Testing, Web Applications, SDK
Tech Lead / Senior Full Stack Developer
August 2013 - June 2016


  • Gather data and specifications of the business needs
  • Lead the development of the core application of the business (HRIS) 
  • Maintain different servers both on Premise and Cloud
  • Train team members on new web technologies and new programming concepts 
  • Hold stand-up and manages Sprints 
  • Manage different API and system integrations. 
  • Technologies: Premise, Cloud, Web Technologies, New Programming Concepts, Stand-up Meetings, Sprints, API, Full Stack Development
Software Developer
September 2010 - August 2013


  • Create quality applications using test-driven-development and control versioning to ensure fast and reliable development of each projects he is handling
  • Tasks and contributions are not limited only to programming but also in software deployment, network troubleshooting and software design planning
  • Act as a key collaborator in the development of the company's various software solutions like cloud-based integrated school management system, iBarangay system, and learner's health assessment system. 
  • Technologies: Test Driven Development, Version Control, Software Deployment, Network Troubleshooting, Software Design Planning

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Polytechnic University of the Philippines
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