XNA Developer Josiah Eli

Josiah Eli

Senior XNA Developer
10 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Josiah Eli is very confident that aside from his technical expertise, his caring attitude and leadership elevates Nestor from the rest of his colleagues. He is hard-working which compliments his extensive technical skills. A great mentor and teammate. When encountered issues, he was able to resolve the problems fast and he investigates the cause which in turn, helped avoid any negative situation to reoccur again. 

Work Experience

DevOps Engineer
July 2009 - Present
  • Language C# technology we use in deployment.
  • Provides support to Product Development division in various products being developed. Sets up and maintains web and desktop applications
  • Diagnoses and corrects issues relating to application deployment and configuration.
  • Provides Tier 3 support to internal and external client for user acceptance testing and production environments.
  • Coordinates and works with business analysts, developers and corporate IT and project managers to ensure proper function of various applications.
  • Builds an application to improve current progress and customize reports for different clients.
  • Administers the JIRA application and create a necessary workflow for different teams in the production team.
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of applications build, release, deployment, and configuration activities.
  • Setup NuGet Server that will allow developers to have their own centre repository. 
  • Developers can easily upload and download project reference assemblies using Nuget
  • Setup a GIT repository for in-house projects like Stillwaters, DDS, Calc Engine, GFS, GCDB.
  • Maintain and support TeamCity, Octopus, windows 2012 r2 servers and MSSQL.
  • SVN migration to GIT repository including history. Evaluate Visual Studio Release Management.

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science
Central Colleges of the Philippines
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