WooCommerce Developer Josephine Wilson

Josephine Wilson

Senior WooCommerce Developer
2 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Josephine has vast experience in building responsive and in software developer using source code management tools such as GIT. She also has familiarity with relational databases such as MYSQL and an understanding of RESTful Web Services technologies such as JSON and HTTP. More skills:

  • Programming/Scripting Languages: Basic PHP, HTML, Visual Basic, SQL, VISIO, Import API, RSS XML.
  • Proficient in Microsoft 360, MS Office Applications, Jira Ticketing, Click-up, GitHub
  • Adobe Photoshop, MongoDB, Linux OS, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Computer Hardware Computer Set – up & Troubleshooting
  • Typing Skills: 50-60 wpm and 90-100 accuracy
  • Ability to identify problems, determines possible solutions, and actively work to resolve the issues using various problem-solving tools and techniques.
  • Teamwork, Adaptability, Creativity & Ability to work under Pressure
Work Experience

Junior Software Developer
  • Analyze requirements of the ticket & Communicate w/ requester to clarify requirements & specifications & w/ Tech Leads for technical challenges in requirements
    • Change the status of the ticket currently working on to Dev In Progress
    • Set-up New Source in Integration Admin: Set the following: Source, Files and Notify Recipients.
    • Create ETL Source Mapping: The process of taking the raw job data & converting it into standard format in accordance to user requirements, specifications, & set coding standards, policies & procedures.
    • Upload ETL Source Mapping will be uploaded in mongo db.
    • Setup BRE Rules in OC Admin based on the ticket requirements and specifications.
    • Create Importer & Auto Router based on the requirements of the ticket.
    • Execute Query to check the information of the jobs in Database.
    • Run the script manually for testing and execute query to check the information of the job in Database
    • Check the jobs in OC Admin & do thorough unit testing before endorsing ticket to QA
    • Spider Deployment after ticket is QA and UAT is approved.
    • Ensure ticket was released to production properly.
    • Resolve the ticket once changes in production were verified.
    • Monitor which tickets will be due for the next 3 days & ensure development will be done on or before the due date
    • Proactively coordinate w/ Project Managers if there will be issues in meeting the developer due date, meeting the staging date & production deploy due date.
    • Check assigned tickets if due dates are properly set.
    • Coordinate w/ Project Managers if there are issues.
    • Report to Project Manager any tickets that are risk of meeting developer, staging upload & production deploy due date.
    • Create technical specifications doc. (if task is already endorsed by customer) for functional modifications & feature requests projects (degree of difficulty: easy to moderate).



Quality Controller Representative
June 2016 - October 2018
  • Perform monitoring task monitoring for all Distribution Queues.
  • Provides timely feedback to Shift Lead on Monitories Postings
  • Provides feedback to management (Cebu and US) on employee/job board
  • Notifies management (Cebu and US) on job board changes as necessary.
  • Notifies management (Cebu and US) on any outdated documentation that needs to be updated.
  • Prepares monthly quality reports at the department and SL level for monthly review.
  • Participates in design of posting monitoring formats and standards
  • Participates in calibration meetings with Managers (Cebu and US)
  • Performs calibration meetings with SL’s and team members as required.
  • Checking all processed jobs by each poster’s and evaluates score.






Held Posting Specialist
January 2016 - June 2016
  • Cultivate and maintain positive working relationships with third party job boards.
  • Communicate third party job board issues, delays, changes
  • Work with third party job boards to have missing jobs listed on site.
  • Research jobs not on site to determine the root cause.
  • Address root causes to correct the issue. This may include but not be limited too…
    • Documenting the Job Board Database
    • Entering Media Services tickets to update listing in Partner Admin/OneClick
    • Entering OneClick/Distribution tickets to address system issues.
    • Following up with Managers/Shift Leads to address general or individual posting issues.
  • Timely follow up on all jobs requiring additional work.

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