Webware Developer John Oliver

John Oliver

Mid-level Webware Developer
6 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Experience focus on Python & Angular. He has shown to be extremely dedicated and loyal proving to have real patience to provide the best results every time for his clients and in the process becoming an integral part of the team.
Work Experience

Python / Angular Developer
September 2016 - Present
  • Maintain/create submodules for existing REST backend (web.py, sqlAlchemy)  -
  • Git, git-flow, npm, Angular2+/Typescript, Ubuntu OS  
  • VS Code editor, PyCharm IDE, unit tests must pass on TeamCity builds   
  • Jira integration of backend  
  • Technologies: Python, Angular 2+, Typescript, Ubuntu, Javascript


  • Create, maintain and test ERP software modules using Angular with Typescript 
  • Git for code versioning, npm, javascript, chrome dev tools for debugging, Ubuntu OS 
  • Protractor end-to-end testing, VScode for the editor
  • Technologies: Angular2, Python, Javascript, Typescript
Web Developer
April 2013 - September 2016
  • Create and update ESB XML configuration based on endpoints from backend team   
  • Extract, transform, load xlsx data from python openpyxl to PostgreSQL (EDC project)  
  • PostgreSQL instance insert, backup and restore to dev, staging and production DB  
  • Unix/MacOSX terminal commands   
  • Git for code versioning, npm, javascript, chrome dev tools, Ubuntu OS
  • Validate and fix bugs in Java, Javascript and PL/SQL database, submit fixes to QA   -
  • Subversion for code versioning, Eclipse and Tomcat 
  • Technologies: Python, Javascript, PostgreSQL, Ubuntu OS, PL SQL, Angular

BS in Accountancy College of Management
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