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Test Engineer
3 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Jermaine has three years of web development, application and API services, using various programming languages.

Provided support and maintenance to client’s web applications including system enhancement and modification and participated to client’s application-related activities such as but not limited to technical transfers, production deployments and security compliances (i.e. PCI DSS).

Experienced direct reporting to client for years to provide on-the-spot support which includes production incident investigation, analysis and delivering solutions. Acquired management and soft skills being a team lead and subject matter expert (SME). 


Work Experience

Software Developer
May 2016 - Present
  • Engaged in knowledge transitioning by the previous resource and present in knowledge validation to verify business knowledge and technical information of the project.
  • Provided knowledge transfer to another resource to help better understand the system design and process flow.
  • Directly reported to client site providing onsite support.


  • Performed as project lead and managed dev resource and task assignments
  • Acted as a Subject Matter Expert (SME).
  • Provided maintenance support including but not limited to:

Computer Science Major in Software Development
Mapua Institute of Technology
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