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Jean Joshua

Bootstrap Developer
10 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • Over 10 years of experience as IT Professional 
  • For Programming – My current forte in programming is C# .NET but I have exposure to Turbo C, C++, JAVA/J2EE, Visual Basic 6.0.
  • For Siebel - I’ve been working with CRM tools for more than 4 years with Siebel. I’m knowledgeable of the objects Accounts, Contacts, Products, Price, Assets, Audit Trail log tracing, Server Management Jobs, Business Processes (Workflows) and Business Services. I’m also knowledgeable in designing and structure EIM processes from legacy databases to Siebel.
  • For Database Development and Maintenance – I’ve been exposed to Oracle 10g and Transact SQL. I can run PL/SQL jobs in command lines from external PL/SQL files that contains the queries or records via the .DAT extension. I’m also knowledgeable in Transact SQL (MS SQL) in creating triggers, stored procedures, functions and record transfer.
  • For Web Designing – I’ve created front end webpages with CSS and Javascript in ASP.NET while the records are controlled via a backend database built in either PL/SQL or Transact SQL.
  • For Integration and ETL – I have knowledge in using Dataloader and Informatica Cloud to transfer records from a local database to the cloud-based To pass records and prepare them, I’ve used Shell Scripting/Batch Scripting to transfer records from legacy database to the target database with data cleansing and data preparation to ready the records. I've also used MS Business Intelligence (SSIS) to automate the process of any database jobs on a schedule and depending on the frequency
Work Experience

Senior Developer
October 2015 - Present
  • Part of the support and development for the CRM team to a BPO company. 
  • Creating small tools for the client’s request as well as support and maintenance for the existing applications that are built in C# and sometimes batch files.
  • Support existing technologies and be the first line to solve the issue. I usually handle tasks about KANA Emailer and give reports about its email frequency.
  • Developing small tools in C# platform to support agent recordings for quality assurance
  • Database maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Spearheaded a development project for agents that use a clock management system with checklists
  • Part of the development team that creates a unified password reset tool from the active directory.
Batch Developer
August 2013 - April 2015
  • Part of the batch process team that automates and creates small applications to process external Siebel applications and files so that other external systems can send and receive data from the system. My key participation is creating EIM jobs, creating stored procedures and maintaining the automation system produced in-house.
  • Primary responsibility is to assess, clean and prepare the legacy data to be migrated to the production database
  • Developed tools for reporting and counter checking data that enters the system
  • Developed tools for data parsing coming from outside sources through AS400 by webservice
  • Develop and maintain database stored procedures and triggers
  • One of the developers for data migration team and batch team
Business Analyst
January 2012 - September 2013
  • Part of a delivery team that is responsible for meeting the business requirements needed by the company in order to sort and manage their sales through Siebel 8. One of my responsibilities is to manage the database; extract, update, insert and export records. I’ve made small tools with Business Intelligence Development Studio and I’m also responsible in maintaining the current and existing jobs. I’m also part of the team for extraction and development for the company’s transition from Siebel 8. Part of my responsibilities is to create Informatica Cloud jobs to be executed in schedule with varying frequencies.
  • I’ve been assigned to develop and design workflows, managed objects relating to Product, Price, Assets, Accounts, Contacts, Business Processes, Business Services and Server Management Jobs. I’ve also been tasked to develop EIM processes, one of my strong points, for Account Notes and Invoice Notes. I’ve been also tasked to maintain and create new Tables, Columns, Triggers and Stored Procedures for the Siebel Environment.
  • Technologies used – Siebel 8.1, C# .NET,, Informatica (cloud synchronization), Webservices (XML parsing and processing), Business Intelligence (SSIS), MS SQL, Shell Scripts and Batch Scripting
Software Developer
February 2008 - December 2011
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining websites for the company and its clients. Also develops programs for the company and sometimes, handles the servers and other IT related issues.
  • Developed a monitoring system which can be dynamically uploaded to an FTP server - ASP.NET C# base language with AJAX.
  • Developed a Live Polling system of votes for a specific client of the company. The votes can be viewed live and updated for every visit of the user who’s viewing.
  • Designed and created a system that can send information from our clients to their customers via cellular phones/text messaging. Ranges from live polling, information on demand and even promos (using server side promo code generation)  

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Mapua Institute of Technology
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