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Senior AWS Developer
13 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Jaylon has more than 11 years of solid web programming/development experience using various programming languages, depending on his current employer or project's needs and requirements. With his extensive experience, he can setup, implement, and launch secure servers on AWS environments utilising Ubuntu OS as a base server. He is also able to create websites from scratch, integrating back-end with the front-end scripts and templates. 

He is flexible and adaptable; Jaylon can learn, adapt, and implement new technologies or architecture based on the project requirements. He has experience working with a group of developers, designers, and SEO specialists. Further, he has experienced working with American, German, and Australian clients as a solo developer. 

Work Experience

Lead Developer/Solutions Architect
April 2016 - Present


  • Create web applications and websites for Xortie Australia.
  • Design and implement system architecture for the base application or framework that will be used by the development team for various projects.
  • Get involved and participate in key decisions needed in all areas of company Projects
  • Maintain and improve overall knowledge base and best practices for the development team
  • Be responsible for overall delivery of projects for various clients from requirements to production launch.
  • Mentor and train the development team, making sure everyone can handle responsibilities and tasks given to them properly and always on time.
  • Participate on technical aspect of new employee hiring process.
  • Decide which technology to utilise and implement based on client’s requirements.
  • Manage overall development side of the company including meetings with clients or stakeholders.
  • Build web servers from ground up using Amazon Web Services.
  • Conduct regular code review to ensure that everything is clean and easy to maintain and enhance. 
  • Technologies: AWS Networks, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, C#, PHP, AWS, MySQL
Senior PHP Developer Consultant
April 2014 - March 2016


  • Create web applications/websites for Tower Systems Australia
  • Be responsible for overall delivery from analysis to production of web applications.
  • Participate in key decisions on architecture, development standards, user interface design and competitive positioning.
  • Coordinate with business owners and other departments in Australia on improvements and upgrades that can make the web applications more efficient and user friendly.
  • Quality Assurance or Testing of web applications from user interface up to web server optimization.
  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, OOP
PHP Team Leader/Product Owner
August 2012 - March 2014


  • Create a combination of e-commerce system and point of sale (POS) system that will revolutionise the current systems of small time to big time retailers
  • Act as Business Analyst in the planning and development phase of the system
  • Convert business specifications or requirements into working codes
  • Code scrutinisation and optimisation.
  • Hold investigation and research on related documents or systems needed by the system we are building.
  • Responsible for the overall tower systems of the retail business, POS software product design, development strategy and execution. This includes competitor assessment.
  • Manage and oversee all liaison with MS client on SkyTill including product scope, deliverables, timing and challenging the business plans.
  • Participate in key decisions on architecture, development standards, user interface design and competitive positioning.
  • Set team member tasks from a commercial perspective and monitor performance of activity in line with set tasks.
  • Liaise closely with any team leader to ensure that team members deliver quality work on time. 
  • Technologies: PHP, OOP, MySQL, MS SQL
Business Support Analyst for Web Applications
February 2011 - May 2012


  • Make sure that Citi’s Global Time and Attendance system is working properly. Ensure that all escalated cases or issues that employees have raised or encountered were resolved or fixed as soon as possible.
  • Be responsible in proposing and implementing new processes or enhancements that will minimise major or re-occurring issues or complaints regarding Citi’s Global Time and Attendance.
  • Create documents, user guides, and presentations that will guide or help Citi’s employees on how to use the system, properly minimising issues or problems raised.
  • Coordinate with the HR team, Payroll Team, and Technical team whenever there are issues that involve all of the company's systems that need to be resolve as soon as possible.  
  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL
Software Engineer/Technical Analyst
March 2008 - February 2011


  • Involved in creating technical designs, Use Cases, System Test Documents and other related documents based on requirements sent by clients.
  • Involved in the Execution of Unit Testing and System Integration, and support of User Acceptance Testing.
  • Involved in creating new enhancements and new requirements using various PeopleSoft technologies with high proficiency level like PeopleCode, Peopletools, SQR, Crystal Reports, Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL, Integration Broker, PSQuery and Application Engine.
  • Investigated tickets/issues created by clients based on the problems or issues they encounter on their current systems on resolve them in a timely manner.
  • Proposed new enhancements/long time fixes on recurring issues 
  • Created documents that may aid them clients and new employees to use the system properly. 
  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL, MS SQL, Crystal Reports , Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL Server , PSQuery
Web Developer
September 2007 - February 2008


  • Created online system for various clients of the company
  • Created system modules, components that helped enhance or upgrade an existing feature or section of a website.
  • Performed Quality Assurance Check for the whole site before integration to the live servers.
  • Was assigned to the largest client of the company as a regular developer to manage and develop the client’s websites.
  • After being promoted, was assigned to train new developers that are newly hired by the company.
  • Maintained the stability and security of the largest client of the company 
  • Create project timeline, and assess the distribution of work among other developers on the same client.
  • Technologies: PHP, MS SQL, MySQL, OOP

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
AMA Computer College
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