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Senior Sencha Touch Developer
10 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Javy has over 8 years of experience in Software Development focusing on Front end Development using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular JS and React JS with 3 years experience in backend development using Java and PHP. He is a fast-learner and a hard worker with high ambitions, always striving to improve himself. He believes that he has a diverse skill set which allows him to effectively work in multiple areas of the web development field. He is always willing to learn new things and to accept changes. He doesn’t just create websites but he creates solutions through web design and development.

Work Experience

Production Officer
January 2017 - Present

Project 1

  • AngularJS
      • Proo-of-Concept Gambling Website deployed after 2 months of rapid prototyping to test the Chinese market.
  • VueJS
      • Updated system build from Angular to VueJS after doing an A-B split test for user feedback.

Project 2

  • SlimPHP / Idiorm
      • Front-end pages used for Querying product specific requests.
      • Uses MSSQL as it’s source database

Project 3

  • Android / Webview
      • Prototyped a Mobile Wap-Site for the company’s main website
      • Uses Webviews as opposed to coding from scratch to achieve speed vs better native handling

Project 4

  • VueJS / Vuex
      • Upgraded the old setup (Blade Templates on MVC6 .Net)
      • Opted for a Front-end separated setup with an exposed API for data requirements.


Technologies: AngularJS, VueJS, Slim, PHP, Idiorm, Android, Vuex, MVC6.Net

Software Engineer
March 2014 - December 2016

Koa.js / Express

  • SKU Api for merchants
  • Static pricing and price map per currency type.

AngularJS 1.x.x

  • Updating of current system build used for the front-end as a base setup.

ReactJS 0.13-0.14

    • Upgrading the base setup from Angular to ReactJS
      • Implemented almost all of the important modules needed for the checkout flow.
      • Devised a faster page loading scheme (page-loaders vs including all react templates on load)
      • Added E2E testing via Jest
      • Added AltJS(Flux Alternative) for better variable handling

Technologies: KoaJS, Express, SKU API, AngularJS, ReactJS, Jest

Senior PHP Developer
July 2013 - February 2014
  • Backend API development for a Confidential Client
  • Schema Design and Relational Correlation
  • Proof-of-Concepts -> Actualization of Implementation
  • Slim Framework + Smarty Template Engine Exposure.
  • JQuery Library for POC utilization.
  • Idiorm and Paris ORM for Object Baselining.
  • Technologies: API, JQuery
Software Engineer
February 2013 - July 2013
  • GWT – Google Web Toolkit
  • Foundation UI
  • Express / NodeJS
    • System UI Concept
  • MongoDB
    • User Domains 
  • Technologies: GWT, UI, Express, NodeJS, MongoDB
Junior Consultant
October 2011 - February 2013

Software Developer

      • Spring/Hibernate
      • Water Metric System for a Water Distribution Company in Spain
      • Develop User Management Module for the project

Outsourced Technical Developer

      • HMO System
      • Spring/Hibernate
      • User requested adjustments and periodic system maintenance.

Technologies: Spring, Hibernate

Technical Associate Employee
June 2008 - October 2011

Project 1:

  • Regression Tester
      • Quick Time Professional
      • Wrote Test Cases for the in-house JWT application.
  • Software Developer
      • Visual Basic 6.
      • Maintenance and upgrading of Legacy Applications
      • J2EE/Oracle 10g
      • Concept creation - Credit Card tracking System (for Cardlink)
        • Recreate COBOL data structure in oracle
        • Stored Procedures for Import process
        • Linking Cobol Infrastructure to a JSP front-end

Project 2:

  • Inventory Administrator
      • Handles Equipment deployment to other outsourced talents.
  • Software Developer
      • FoxPro + Access
      • Inventory Checkout System
      • Ui + Workflow Conceptualization

Project 3:

  • Software Developer
      • PHP / CodeIgniter
      • Upgrade/Maintenance of Inhouse Custom Codeigniter fork
      • VOIP via Asterisk + NodeJS
      • Facecall(Call Feature Concept on Facebook)

Technologies: Visual Basic, J2EE, Oracle, FoxPro, Access, Ui, PHP, Codeignighter, VOIP, Asterisk, NodeJS


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
2004 - 2008
AMA Computer College
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