C# Developer Jamille


Mid-level C# Developer
10 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • Has more than 5 years working experience with .NET Development using ASP.NET and C#
  • Familiarity with multi-threading
  • Knowledgeable in using web development tools (Visual Studio) and creating responsive web applications.
  • Knowledgeable with ASP.NET Webforms / MVC / Web API, Bootstrap / MS SQL Server
  • Knowledgeable in Microsoft Azure, Web application, Azure SQL.
  • Experience in Agile and Scrum methodologies.
Work Experience

Application Developer
June 2017 - Present
  • Supporting the technical design process by participating in the analysis of technical application requirements
  • Assisting in implementing analyses that will identify requirements related to people, processes and technology
  • Participating in implementing the technical infrastructure
  • Assisting in the integration of technical and application components
  • Coding and testing program modules; assisting in design
  • Maintaining, tuning and repairing applications; providing user support
  • Participating in execution and documentation of tests
  • Executing conversion plans and documenting possible improvements; identifying disruptions in the processes
Software Engineer
March 2014 - June 2017
  • This position supports and develops web applications that suits for the client and in house web application.
  • Also responsible for the complete life cycle of a new modified web application from research and design to implementation, training and support.
  • Execute full life cycle software development.
  • Deploy and tailor web application process and metrics.
  • Write well designed testable, efficient code.
  • Document and maintain software functionality.
  • Comply with project plans and industry standards.
  • Support and debug the code if needed.
Jr. Programmer
February 2013 - March 2013
  • To Create programs for the development of in-house system. To assist the 
    Sr. Programmer to create a design in web application.
  • Maintain the integrity of the existing system and support/troubleshoot the required needs of the client regarding in the entire system.
  • Write new program codes and maintain existing codes using prescribed specifications.
  • Resolves questions of program intent, data input/output requirements, and inclusion of internal checks and controls.
  • Confers with the Business Process Analyst, senior Programmers and users to gain understanding of needed changes or modifications of existing programs.
  • Works within specifications provided to meet programming assignment goals and objectives in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Maintains integrity of program logic and coding, and establishes required checks and balances for operational controls.
  • Produces program/procedural documentations
Technical Support Assistant
July 2010 - February 2013
  • To provide technical assistance and support to users in areas of software, network connectivity, user internet and file access, hardware and peripherals, and to accommodate IT related inquires and concerns.
  • To ensure that all end user including company branches computer, peripherals and other IT related devices are in good working condition.
  • Evaluates request of users for network, software and hardware upgrading and acquisitions and make necessary recommendation.
  • Network monitoring
  • Managing Ticketing System (Service Desk)
  • Prepares & submits reports as scheduled and as requested by superior From JobStreet.com (e.g. Service Desk monthly report, CRF request etc.)
  • Install and Configure VOIP or IP phones
  • Managing email using cloud based server
  • Performing a preventive maintenance twice a month.
  • Managing the sophos anti-virus enterprise console
  • Performing an incremental and Full Backup of all files in server.
  • Managing of Firstlife Websites.
  • Managing of our Firewall security
  • Maintains an inventory of company’s computer, hardware and license software
  • Securing network, group and user policy on the domain server
  • Policing network and user Internet access
  • Email configuration and Maintenance
  • Managing Active Directory Server.
Technical Support Staff
September 2009 - June 2010
  • Acts as a bridge for direct technical support from the MIS Head Office to the assigned branch, for program and security updates that must be implemented urgently for store operation.
  • Monitoring of TPLinux program develop by WINCOR NIXDORF for POS system and Merchandising Management System that runs under AS/400 server.
  • Provides direct technical assistance for store operation, and office personnel.
  • Serve as a network administrator for the local area network of the assigned branch, which connects to the head office thru a VPN.
  • Securing network, group and user policy on the domain server. Installation, troubleshooting and maintain IBM POS system, and its peripherals like barcode scanner, Smart Kiosk price verifier, and IPbased weighing scale.
  • Install and update in-house develop program, MS Outlook configuration for MS Exchange Server and From JobStreet.com maintains Biometric program and its hardware for employees attendance monitoring.

BS Information Technology
Adamson University
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