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Mid-level WebWork Developer
7 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Jackielyn has been in the industry for years with focusing on Java Development. She is an independent, self-motivated with excellent research and code, with the ability to grow positive relationships with customers and colleagues alike. With a wide exposure to multiple technical methodologies and best practices, she is now looking to continue his career development in making significant and key contributions to an organisation she can help grow.

Work Experience

Senior Consultant / Java Developer
June 2015 - Present

Project 1

  • Creating and setup web application for PMS application.
  • Configuration of MySQL and Oracle to a web application.
  • Creating a web service application for user needs.
  • Create JUnit / JMeter.
  • Using the Spring framework and WSDL/SOAP framework and MySQL.
  • Technologies: Java, Spring, JUnit, JMeter, MySQL, WSDL/SOAP Framework, Hibernate, REST Web Services, Linux Platform


Project 2

  • Creates and setup of web service of the backbone of the CLPR application.
  • Create Database structure and design.
  • Installation, setup and configuration of application into Linux platform.
  • Configuration of MySQL Server in Linux platform.
  • Configuration of LDAP authentication to a web application and connecting to a database table.


Project 3

  • Create a new web service application for the client/ user needs.
  • Create and configuration of Acegi Security and change to Spring Security for web application
  • Create and configuration of SCV web base application for SCV.
  • Create JUnit / JMeter for DAO object and web service application testing.
  • Configuration of Mod JK (i.e. failover testing for both application server and DB server) from Apache-Tomcat in Linux environment.
  • Design / Create documentation for the Database Server for Fail-Over or Load Balancing of two Database Server.
  • Create an instruction list for the deployment process.
  • Analysis of some root cause of an error happened at production during runtime.
  • Create a simple program tool to be used by the client.
  • Using the Spring framework and WSDL/SOAP framework and MySQL. 
Java Developer
April 2012 - May 2015

Desktop Application

  • Visual Basic version 6.0
    • ADODB connection string 
    • MsAccess 
    • MySQL
  • Developed a new desktop application for production need user processing of Data Entry.
  • Create DLL and OCX libraries for system software tools.
  • Create modular program processing.
  • Modification of existing program software.
  • Create a program from Macro Object (MS Word and MS Excel).


Web Base Application

  • Create a module for web application
  • Document Librarian for document requirements.
  • Email configuration for notification.
  • Loan Tracking Monitoring.
  • Eligibility Engine a Web based application for calling desktop application for data mining of SSN.
  • Mining Sweeper (i.e. Point Files Tracking).
  • Using Cold Fusion and MySQL.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Computer Data Management and Processing
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