Amazon API Developer Israel


Mid-level Amazon API Developer
6 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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He is adept at building websites, and throughout his career, he has mostly been tasked with full stack web development. Israel is known for creating clean, valid, maintainable, and semantically correct codes.

Work Experience

Web Developer
March 2015 - May 2019
  • Lead UI in redesigning a well-known TV channel
  • Migrated an existing desktop application to a web-based platform using AngularJS (Home Insurance Company)
  • Migrated an existing VB application into web-based using JQuery UI and JQGrid 
  • Assists the team in writing unit tests of existing codes to improve code coverage
  • Code reviews prior to merging pull requests
  • Participates in daily scrum calls to discuss user stories, defects, and future iterations
  • Coordinates with onshore teams to deliver the product between deadlines
  • Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, React Native, Android, Redux, Express
Application Developer
March 2013 - February 2015
  • Refactored existing codes to improve performance, and scalability
  • Achieved Diamond Recognition award with regard to writing clean and efficient code structures
  • Led junior developers in scrum meetings and delivered positive results in completing a big project
  • Worked on several projects using Angular, Express, Node.js, ReactJS, React native, Redux and also had experience in building mobile app using Android 
  • Conducted training to new 
  • Technologies: Angular, Express, Node.js, ReactJS, React native, Redux, Android

Bachelor of Science Major in Computer Science
AMA Computer College
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