Phoenix Developer Hazel Grace

Hazel Grace

Mid-level Phoenix Developer
7 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • A skilled professional with firm knowledge in web development.
  • Currently working as a Front End Developer with experience on ReactJS, React Native, and AngularJS
  • Experienced on JavaScript (NodeJS), JavaScript, and HTML/CSS.
  • Also have experience on C# Development
Work Experience

Front End Web Developer
April 2012 - Present
  • Converts desktop application to web based application using React JS
  • Participates in Agile Development
  • Performs Scrum meeting and poker planning
  • Performs pull requests
  • Technologies: ReactJS, React Native, Jenkins, Git, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Gulp.js, Bootstrap

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
2008 - 2012
Saint Louis University
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