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Harvey Joshua

Mid-level vBulletin Developer
4 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Harvey Joshua is a fantastic all-around team player having a wealth of experience from his more than four years of Web Development experience working across multiple frameworks and full stack development. This includes having excellent working experience using PHP, Laravel, Javascript, Vue JS, Node JS, AWS, Docker. This has led him to be extremely adaptable and professional by calling on his varied skill set, along with his determination and perseverance, as 90% of his projects were made from scratch.

Work Experience

PHP Developer
October 2016 - May 2019


  • Use Laravel for PHP framework  
  • Use Express for Node framework 
  • Use Docker and AWS ECS for Application containerization 
  • Development RESTful Api for Microservices  
  • Scrum for development methodologies 



AICA(Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Assistance)

  • Create an algorithm to validate the response of the bot to the inquiry 
  • Implement the best data structure for the queries of the  customer 
  • Implement JWT for all API  
  • Content Management System 

Billing System ​

  • Use microservices for development techniques 
  • Use Node express for the CMS 
  • Use Node for Asynchronous process 
  • Use Docker for deployment on AWS ECS  
  • Implement JWT for all API  
  • Use MongoDB for logs 
  • Technologies: PHP, Laravel, RESTful API, MongoDB, Node, Docker, VueJS
Junior Software Engineer
February 2015 - October 2016


  • Use Laravel for PHP framework 
  • Use MySQL for Database 
  • Use MongoDB for transaction logs 
  • Create system depending on what the client needs 
  • Handling Web Server using inmotionhosting  
  • Create RESTful API



Store Unlimited System

  • A system that will be used for viewing of reports such as daily sales, monthly sales of the store. Using the API, the system will get all the data of different store and store in one server. 
  • Create complex queries to achieved the data that will be needed  
  • Create a scheduling to email the sales of the store 
  • Create a RESTful API that ETL(Extract, Transform, Load) the data coming from store 
  • Implement JWT for all API 
  • Content Management System


  • A system that counts the inventory of the stores based  on their master file that is uploaded to web. The reports are viewable in the web.
  • Create a web server for master file lookup across all the store  
  • Create reports such as daily, monthly count of the items 
  • Create a scheduling to email the summary of the count per store  
  • Create a scheduling to delete some data on database that are not needed 
  • Content Management System

Trade Check Report

  • A system that checks the product of the company through a series of survey questions. The reports are viewable in the web.
  • Create an algorithm that checks if the store will pass or not based on the answer on questionnaire 
  • Create a RESTful API for android devices to get the master list of  questionnaire per store 
  • Implement JWT for all API 
  • Content Management System

Car Park Reservation System

  • A system that will be used for online reservation of parking for the the company's clients, with specific date and time. Payment is through credit card.
  • Implement credit card payment (ipay88 Api)  
  • Create algorithm for checking the availability of the reservation 
  • Content Management System
  • Technologies: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, MongoDB, RESTful API, VueJS

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Polytechnic University of the Philippines
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