Cocoa Developer Glenji


Mid-level Cocoa Developer
6 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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He is experienced in iOS App Development, and System Analysis and is working as an iOS Developer – using Objective-C and Swift.

Work Experience

Mobile Developer
July 2016 - Present
  • Lead Developer on a couple of projects
  • Developed iOS Applications using Objective-C and Swift.
  • Initiated and contributed on the improvement of the design and architecture of the code base.
Software Developer
March 2015 - July 2016
  • Updated iOS coding and UI practices from iOS 8 to 9. 
  • Integrated QR Code scanning in iOS applications. 
  • Utilized Core Location Services in iOS applications. 
  • Applied Image Caching in iOS  applications.
  • Integrated Facebook log in, share, and friend lists in iOS applications.
  • Held Brown Bag sessions on Git version control.
  • Used Git for version control.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Specialization in Software Technology
De La Salle University Manila
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