Chatbot Developer Giezelle


Mid-level Chatbot Developer
5 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Giezelle has more than 4 years of experience in Web Development. She has a deep love & passion for user-centered design & programming. She has also mastered several web technologies and frameworks along the way which makes her very confident in what she does. She is comfortable working alone but enjoys collaborating with other experts on projects. ​Innovative​ ​and​ ​strategic​ ​thinker.​ ​Has strong​ ​analytical​ ​and​ ​solving​ ​skills.​ ​Prioritize​ ​works,​ ​productive,​ ​fast​ ​learner,​ ​reliable​ ​and​ ​dedicated person.

Work Experience

Python Developer
July 2018 - Present
  • Member of team upgrade
  • Upgrade the legacy system
  • Review odoo11 base modules
  • Analyzes the current software
  • Proposes and develops solutions  for the improvement and better implementation of the system which aligns with the clients' requirements and business processes
Senior Python Developer
April 2015 - July 2018
  • Reviewing Odoo modules
  • Analyze client’s needs, then design, test and develop software to meet those needs
  • Ensure that the software functions normally through maintenance and testing
  • Prepares manual for users
  • Handles trainings to Developers of Odoo Development
  • Manages Network/Server Administration 

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Notre Dame of Marbel University
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