CodeIgniter Developer Eugenio


CodeIgniter Developer
7 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • Over 7 years plus of Website Development experienced
  • Full stack developers work with both the front and back end of a website.
  • Object Oriented PHP Developer
  • Proficient in Adobe Business Catalyst framework
  • Great exposure on developing and integrating BC Modules and its functionalities, and integration of jQuery API/Plug-ins as well as BC's eCommerce.
  • Proficient in Wordpress
  • Excellent team player with positive attitude
  • Posses effective command over written and verbal communication skills
  • Posses good time management and organizational skills
  • Career oriented, hard working and ability to handle multiple tasks
Work Experience

Web Developer
July 2016 - Present
  • Write, design, build and maintain web sites, using authoring or scripting languages.
  • Evaluate code to ensure that it is valid, is properly structured, meets industry standards and is compatible with browsers, devices or operating systems.
  • Confer with management or development teams to prioritize needs, resolve conflicts, develop content criteria or choose solutions.
  • Convert an existing website from Adobe Business catalyst to WordPress.
  • Convert PSD Design to responsive HTML and implement into serverside like native PHP, CodeIgniter, Wordpress and BusinessCatalyst.
  • Redesign existing website.
  • Handling client from UK
  • Meet with client to gather requirement, design sites and outline schedules
  • Develop concepts, control project flow and ensure deliverable milestones are met
  • Manage web project with no other developer
  • Full stack web developer with both front and backend of a website
  • Building a website from scratch
  • Convert PSD design to responsive HTML using Bootstrap and Foundation framework and implement to server-side PHP, WordPress, CodeIgniter, and Adobe Business Catalyst.
  • Build WordPress custom templates
  • Updating all Wordpress websites every week and made a backup file to my local computer
  • Rebuilding existing website from Business Catalyst to WordPress
  • Debugging codes, fixing issues and create custom scripts
  • Create a custom Javascript/jQuery function for frontend and backend development
Web Developer
September 2011 - July 2016
  • Five years experienced in Adobe Business Catalyst
  • Five years experienced in CodeIgniter
  • Experienced across the spectrum of online development in the service of building and improving online properties for multiple clients. Including site architecture and infrastructure, backend development using open-source toolset.
  • Assigned to create certain functionality for user login, users account, upload, download, (create, listing, write, update, delete), sales, reports, calendar, web form, email notifications and pagination using CodeIgniter framework.
  • Wrote custom JavaScript/jQuery functions for form validations, user filters, and other functionalities.
  • Served as the primary web developer on company online payments using PayPal
  • Implements pate templates, Authentications, Merchants, Admin and Custom javascripting
  • Wrote a certain functionalities sign up form, login, dashboard, user account(admin/merchant), reports, filtering, email invoicing, email notifications, CRUD, calendar, paginations listing page, and Adobe Business Catalyst API.
  • Wrote custom Javascript/jQuery. 

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
University of Visayas
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