FreeBSD Developer Enzo


Mid-level FreeBSD Developer
8 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • 6 years of experience on IOS Application Development using Xcode, Objective-C and Swift
  • Has 2 years working experience on Swift
  • Has 4 years working experience on Xcode
  • Other Skills: C\C++, IOS, Salesforce-Mobile Integration
Work Experience

Senior Developer (IOS) | Architecture Team
August 2015 - Present

As a senior developer, my tasks involve the following:

  • Leads the development of various iOS projects for on-shore and off-shore clients.
  • Interfaces with various business analysts, quality analysts and other developers to ensure that development and testing conform to the business requirements.
  • Provides estimates for project requirements for iOS applications based on client requirements.
  • Helps with creation of wireframes and mockups for clients and developers
  • Monitors work progress and adjust work plan as necessary and drives single or simultaneous projects forward while providing periodic status updates to project team and management.
  • Delegates project tasks based on system know-how and skills of each individual developer on the team
  • Client facing as iOS mobile consultant for requirements gathering
  • Overseeing and training new hires on iOS development
  • Interviewing new mobility developer applicants

As part of the solutions architecture team, I have the following additional tasks :

  • Sets down standards for code quality for mobile applications
  • Provides solutions to client requirements and developer problems related to mobility


Other than the projects listed below I have lead/taken part on a few more Enterprise projects which are not uploaded in iTunes but distributed within client companies

Discover App

  • Implemented Download page and downloading updated for in progress
  • Video player and PDF reader for local files and URL streaming
  • Bugfixing

RateMySuper App (iPad)

  • Developed the iOS mobile app, with help with SuperRatings. Side by side comparison views and PDF generator. 

Cricket Live AU (iPad/iPhone)

  • Tasked to update the previous year’s app to use new screens and add new features.

DocBox (iPad)

  • Tasked to provide an interface to salesforce, connect downloading pdf documents, add notes and add chatter posts.

  • Technologies: IOS
Symbian Developer | IOS Developer
June 2013 - July 2015
  • Lead a team lead for developing a messaging client on Symbian platform.
  • To design and develop the IM Messaging client in the Symbian platform

Train new employees in the basics of the Symbian language and the IM environment.

Colibria IM (Symbian)

  • Responsibilities The project involved making a IM Messaging client from ground up which went through several versions and a rewrite for better performance and added features. I did the overall design and formulated guidelines on how a specific component should be coded. Also managed 2-3 people and trained new employees which was added to the team for Symbian development. Also took part of modifications of the earlier versions for deliveries to other clients.
  • Technologies: Symbian Platform, c/c++

Develop client’s software products using C/C++

Bulldog (Symbian)

  • This project is for making a security client for series 60 Symbian mobile devices. This application basically locks the phone and barks triggered by either an activation code is sent to the phone or if the sim is changed. Future developments included Fetch functionality. My responsibilites for this project were to develop this from ground up.

Fetch (Symbian)

  • This project basically backs up the phone via an IR connection to a computer with a Fetch software installed. This software backs up and syncs phone’s contacts, calendar, notes and messages stored in the phone. My responsibilities were to create the mobile software component.

Pusoy Dos (Symbian)

  • A symbian port of a popular Filipino game. This can only support multiplayer where players are connected by BT with realtime updates.
  • Technologies: C/C++

DME (iPad/iPhone/Symbian)

  • This project involves data security of corporate data incorporating corporate software on selected popular platforms. I was assigned on improving this software with bugfixes and added functionality, namely an additional GUI on Symbian and then later location and file association with IOS devices. I also received training in Denmark for IOS and DME IOS client.
  • Technologies: IOS, Symbian, C++
IOS Developer
April 2012 - May 2013
  • Design and build advanced applications for the iOS platform
  • Helps with creation of wireframes and mockups for clients and developers (Sketch Experience)
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features.
  • Work on bug fixing and improving application performance.
  • Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.
  • Work and testing with the backend servers for connectivity with mobile (PHP experience)
Consultant Company
  • AroundAbout Live (iPhone)
  • Pericoach (iPhone)
    • Added new graphical UI for better visibility of exercises
    • Updated computation of exercise effort
    • Bugfixing
  • Technologies: IOS, Swift, Objective C, XCode

Bachelor's Degree in the Science of Computer Studies specializing in Software Technology
2008 - 2012
De La Salle University
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