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7 years experience

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St. Paul University Philippines graduate as Bachelor of Science Information Technology with a strong academic background combined with experience web developer and programmer. With almost 5 years of experience in .NET. Recognized for system programmer and cost-effectively resolve challenging technical issues. Quickly learn and master new technology; equally successful in both team and self-directed settings; and proficient in a range of computer systems, languages, tools and testing methodologies. Seeking for new responsibilities irrespective of reward and recognition. 

Work Experience

Web & Application Developer
October 2014 - Present
  • Deployed to Accenture
  • MMC & mySS Maintenance 
  • Developing CheckLink
  • BIP Fortification
  • Maintenance of Vinta Crewing System.
  • Vinta Layout and Design 
  • Bug fixing
  • Vinta Request for additional features
  • Vinta Dashboard
  • Maintenance for Abojeb Mobile App
  • Maintenance for Existing Asp.NET Existing AboJeb Website
  • COMMS Online
  • CA Online
  • PCV Online
  • Revamp AboJeb Corporate 
.NET Developer
September 2011 - October 2014
  • Maintenance of Vinta Crewing System Layout.
  • Support(Email,upload file and Operation(partial) issues)
  • Online Principal Portal  
  • Crew Packages 
  • Treasury Requisition 
  • Kiblue XML Docs Console 
  • Payroll Data

BS Information Technology
St. Paul University
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