JMS Developer Doz


Senior JMS Developer
7 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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He is known to have excellent communication and technical skills. Doz is a valuable asset to any development team given his strong background.

Work Experience

Web and UI Developer
February 2015 - March 2019
  • Developed an interactive dynamic web page for the telecommunication summary of reports which can be used for gathering business information and decisions. It is composed of the network KPIs represented in a geo-map that is clickable to drill down specific details per location
  • Display graphical information of different analytics data requested from a Restful web service request
  • Manipulate and rendered data based on required information to display using JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, JSON from Restful APIs
  • Created global maps with heatmaps that can be drilled down into different locations like continent, country and city using open sourced plugin leaflet and some google maps API
Software Engineer
August 2011 - October 2014
  • Participated in creating basic to the detailed design of the utility modules based on client requirements
  • Created prototypes and anticipated development upon approval
  • Created unit test cases and codes
  • Developed integration test codes and automate using Hudson with other coverage check tools

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
University of the Philippines
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