SQL CLR Developer Charlene


Mid-level SQL CLR Developer
7 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Charlene is a Software Engineer through hands-on experience in application development including functional and regression testing. Supportive and enthusiastic team player dedicated to streamlining the process and efficiently resolving project issues.

Experience in developing Enterprise Applications based on .NET framework 4.0 using ASP.NET, C#.NET, SQL, and SQL CLR. Proficient in developing browser-based applications using tools such as ASP.NET, UI, JavaScript, jQuery. Experience in using Xamarin. 
Always eager to learn the latest web technologies in the market and very resourceful in looking for solutions to complex issues such as bug fixing and adding new features as demanded by the client. A team player that helps other developers by providing key information on how to solve their assigned tasks
Work Experience

.NET Developer / Xamarin Developer
March 2016 - Present
  • Develop cross-platform mobile application using Xamarin Forms
  • Propose UI design and enhancement suggestions
  • App screen design using XAML
  • Application Profiling
  • Provide weekly progress report
  • Entity Framework Database Migrations
  • Daily progress report
  • Web API
  • Unit Testing
  • Analytics
  • Technologies: Xamarin, Entity Framework, Web API, XAML, C#.NET, ASP.NET Web Forms, Microsoft Azure.
Computer Programmer
September 2013 - March 2016
  • Provide estimates hour for the assigned task
  • Apply bug fix for all assigned task
  • Implement new features based on documentation
  • Do regression testing for new features
  • Technologies: MVC, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, C#, WebAPI, MS SQL, UI, Android, iOS
Software Engineering Analyst
March 2012 - September 2013
  • Propose web users interface design
  • Provide estimates hour for the assigned task
  • Implement the features and functions of the application
  • Technologies: MVC, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, C#, WebAPI, MS SQL, SQL CLR
January 2012 - March 2012
  • Provide development hour estimates for the assigned task
  • Propose solution and application design
  • Implement functions and new features for applications
  • Conduct analysis
  • Propose web users interface design
  • Provide estimates hour for the assigned task
  • Present project status and progress to Project Managers
  • Implement features and functions of application
  • Technologies: .NET, C#, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, C#, Webservice, MS SQL

Diploma in Information Technology
System Technology Institute
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