DApp Developer Carl


Junior DApp Developer
4 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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A highly motivated Front End Web Developer for 3 years and counting, working with asynchronous request handling HTML5/CSS and Javascript. He always keep up with the latest technology in the industry to improve himself in terms of UX design and learn more about Front End Development Programming such as Angular JS, Angular 2, Angular 4, Angular 5, and React JS. Currently exploring the latest version of Angular (6).


Work Experience

Software Engineer - UI
April 2016 - Present
  • The front-end developer will work in a team environment in the design and execution of web application
  • Design and implement the UI
  • Analyze the user experience and continually look for ways to improve it
  • Develop and design an web application using the latest frameworks and libraries such as React.JS, AngularJS, Angular 2, 4, 5 and Vue.js
  • Provide documentation and coding standards for the support on backend developers as well as for the upcoming developers


  • Web application for client where users can enroll their savings, cash cards and time deposit accounts in which they can use to pay their bills, transfer fund and monitor balance and transactions.
  • Web Application for Admin Tracker where the user can monitor the live and upcoming games, filter the list of games, search a specific game whether it is live or done, view all the details of the game.
  • Web application that connects customer with customer service representative and gather the customer’s order and the CSR manually routes the request to a branch nearest to the customer. The receiving branch will process the order; it then trigger their crew to deliver an order.
  • A Web made application for capturing orders from customers in restaurants using AngularJS, bootstrap and Couchdb.
  • A Progressive Web Application that uses blockchain technology in order to send money, remit and make other transactions. This Application uses the latest Angular framework and Material Design for the UI.
  • Technologies: React.JS, AngularJS, Angular 2, Angular 4, Angular 5, Vue JS, HTML5, CSS, Redux, NgRx, Rxjs, Nodejs, Bootstrap4

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