Merb Developer Boris


Junior Merb Developer
3 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • Experienced Ruby on Rails developer with competencies in Jquery, and Ajax.
  • Knowledgeable and certified in JavaScript.
  • Familiar with the automation of testing platforms.
  • Able to integrate database system.
  • Masterful with UI styling tool Bootstrap and the Sass CSS preprocessor.
  • Clean code writer that is fully versed in object-oriented coding.
  • Committed to scalable design and function as well as seamless integration.
  • Able to set up rails project into the server with Nginx and Unicorn.
  • Test Driven Development.
Work Experience

Ruby on Rails Developer
April 2016 - Present
  • Write functional, unit, and integration tests for application quality assurance.
  • Use version control tool Git and code storage tool Github and Bitbucket for added application functionality.
  • Complete database migrations with Ruby on Rails and ActiveRecord.
  • Build bespoke application credit card forms and assure payment reliability with Stripe API.
  • Integrate email functionality in application.
  • Constructed authentication systems with Rails stack from the ground up.
  • Utilized Devise to optimize application functionality.
  • Completed Rails stack, including admin feature, log in/log out and signup at first
  • Technologies: Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Test Driven Development

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