vTiger Developer Arvin John

Arvin John

Senior vTiger Developer
7 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • Information technology professional capable of managing and maintaining technology projects from concept to completion with remarkable deadline sensitivity. 
  • With at least seven years of experience as a web developer. Strong analytical skills on conventional and out of the box solutions for developing applications used by clients from private companies to government institutions. Excellent at working independently on multiple projects while also a compatible team player through a project’s development life cycle.
  • Strong personal skills including focused listening, logical thinking, and working in a high-pressure team-oriented environment. Can and willingness to adapt to new technologies, standards, and ideas.
  • Computer information literate, capable of using different computer applications. Fast learner, can easily do work on time and has a positive attitude towards work.
Work Experience

PHP Developer
July 2012 - Present
  • Developed GAS Information System to track the uses of gas consumptions of different Units / Department under UPLB. Programming language use Yii.              
  • Developed Inventory system for items delivered by our suppliers this helps the university on knowing what is the stock level of different items.  Programming language uses CodeIgniter in 2014.
  • Developed a Website for Supply and Property Management Office (SPMO).

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Laguna State Polytechnic University
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