Cassandra Developer Ariella Mae

Ariella Mae

Mid-level Cassandra Developer
4 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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Worked as an Applications Developer where she creates/enhances web-based applications using Microsoft .NET technology. She also creates Web-APIs and Autodesk application customization DLL plugins for our clients. Provide support, maintenance and enhancement for multiple applications that we’ve developed for our clients.

Always eager to learn the latest web technologies in the market and very resourceful in looking for solutions to complex issues such as bug fixing and adding new features as demanded by the client. A team player that helps other developers by providing key information on how to solve their assigned tasks.

Work Experience

Software Engineer
February 2017 - Present
  • Create .NET based applications (Web, Window Forms, WEB API).
  • Maintain, restructure & optimize existing internal software.
  • Integrate API of LBC partners to REMPOS
  • Create and/or Modify general UI for partners
  • Maintain, optimize and debug errors
  • On-call support
  • Create API for third party client
  • Coordinate and apply clients change requests
  • Remote support / On-call support 
  • Create and/or modify existing modules depending on the Bussiness Users requirements
  • Meeting with business users and project managers
  • On-call support
  • Read, understand and optimize existing codes for stability and maintenance
  • Raise found issues during code reviews and/or unit testing
  • Weekend and/or Overnight deployment
Sofware Development Engineer
May 2015 - February 2017
  • Impart in the company’s goal to develop LOGAN Framework that would be used in developing web based applications for clients
  • Research & develop features of LOGAN Framework (Custom Scaffolding, T4 Template, etc.)
  • Develop and apply coding standards set by the company
  • Perform testing for developed modules
  • Perform team training in developing web portals using LOGAN Framework
  • Work with other programmers/designers/architects to make sure that the configuration/custom components meet application requirements/performance goals
  • Fix any defects and performance problems discovered in testing
  • Perform weekend & holiday support
  • Render overtime & holiday work

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
University of the East
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