PrestaShop Developer Arianne Mae

Arianne Mae

Mid-level PrestaShop Developer
6 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • A PHP Developer with experience as software developer in applications development, testing, troubleshooting and implementation.
  • With over 5 years of experience in PHP Development specializing in Laravel and VueJS 
  • Has excellent problem solving skills that leads to quick and efficient solutions.
  • An active listener who is able to identify the requirements and specifications of clients.
  • Flexible to changes and able to handle multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Proven ability to consistently meet deadlines
Work Experience

PHP Developer - Team Lead
March 2018 - Present


  • Develop and maintain company-owned websites and projects.
  • Create minor and major functions to improve traffic and user experience for clients and target market. 
  • Modify frontend behaviors and improved page speed loading for better user experience 
  • Create and modify backend modules both for internal staff and  professional users. 
  • Create appointment booking system for clients
  • Enhance matterport functionality with SDK 
  • Deploy newly-created modules both in staging and production
  • Technologies: PHP, Laravel, VueJS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AWS
Web Developer
January 2016 - March 2018


  • Develop an attendance monitoring system with disputes and payroll management, built e-commerce websites for clients. 
  • Develop modules for recording daily attendance of employees, dispute and payroll management with reports (xls). 
  • Create website applications and e-commerce websites for the company and its clients using Wordpress, Stitchlabs, etc.
  • Maintain, manage and secure server / database functionalities and  content. 
  • Domain and Hosting management (SEO, Cpanel, SSL, FTP, etc.)
  • IT Support.  
  • Technologies: Wordpress, Stitchlabs, SEO, Cpanel, SSL, FTP, PHP , MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript
Web Developer
October 2013 - January 2016


  • Develop web-based applications for the company’s prepaid and internal operation systems.
  • Create an application that monitors the cost of calls of a specific account.
  • Develop simple modules for agent’s guide and transaction  management.
  • Develop systems for QA analysis and internal operations.  
  • Develop, maintain and manage the company’s database and websites. 
  • NOC Support.  
  • Technologies: PHP, Laravel, Vue JS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Technological University of the Philippines
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